This past weekend, Phenom Hoops wrapped up the summer season in Greensboro, North Carolina with our annual Summer Finale. There was an abundance of talent in the gym, offers were given out, and high-level competition took place per usual. This article will take a closer look at some of the top standouts from the event…


6’5 ’20 Keishon Porter (Team Trezz)

By now, everyone in the state should be familiar with Keishon Porter and his body of work, especially after recently adding an offer from Texas A&M. He’s made noticeable strides as a shooter, but still remains true to his foundation and understands how to assert himself on both ends of the floor. Porter is a confident, reliable two-way leader that plays with a silent ferocity and aggressive mentality. He seems to always stand out defensively through his rebounding, versatility, and ability to force turnovers at a nonstop rate. Porter is an absolute problem in transition, given his powerful athleticism and intelligent decision-making. He’s a fairly crafty ball-handler that can operate as a primary creator in a pinch, which allows him to set up his teammates with great consistency. Porter is certainly one of the top two-way players in the state and should continued to be recruited as such.


6’2 ’20 Noah Hooper (Charlotte Aces)

The Charlotte Aces were quietly one of the more competitive teams at Phenom Summer Finale thanks, in large part, to the play of Noah Hooper. There are other “sexier” prospects on this team, but Hooper is the guy that every squad needs in order to win basketball games. He’s a capable scorer that attacks the basket quite well and shoots the ball at a reliable clip from the perimeter while consistently working within the flow of the offense. Hooper is a nice all-around defender with enough size to switch across multiple positions. However, his ability to grind and do the dirty work (specifically through taking a ridiculous amount of charges) is what makes him a clear winner. Hooper puts his body on the line every single possession and is truly willing to do whatever it takes to give his team an edge. He works extremely hard at all times and could certainly help a program at the next level.


6’7 ’20 Jakob Moore (Team Winston)

There’s something worth enjoying on each and every Team Winston squad, and Jakob Moore is one of the most intriguing prospects within their entire program. He’s a strong-bodied lefty that shows extended flashes of dominance on the interior as a finisher, rebounder, and rim-protector. Moore moves very well for his size and displays an excellent feel for his skillset on both ends of the floor. He works the two-man game extremely well, both as a roller and defender, which makes him a nice fit for the modernized style of play. Moore has great defensive positioning and is capable of switching onto (and containing) smaller guards whenever necessary. He’s as poised as anyone on this roster for a breakout senior season, especially considering he’ll be the undisputed leader at Mount Tabor.


5’8 ’22 Marc Raye (Team Winston)

There are a ton of talented prospects within the Team Winston program, but Marc Raye has a legitimate chance to be their next breakout star. He’s slightly undersized, but possesses an incredibly high IQ and understands how to properly lead a team on both sides of the ball. Raye exudes intelligence in basically everything that he does, from scoring to playmaking to defending bigger than his size would imply. He shoots the ball extremely well from beyond the arc, but also has a useful pull-up and finishes effectively around the basket. Raye is an exceptional playmaker with craftiness and high-level vision, which makes him a very dynamic threat off the bounce. It’s easy to see that he comes from a basketball background, simply in the calm, mature way that he approaches the game. Raye defends and rebounds well, especially for his size, and makes consistently smart decisions in the open floor. He’s going to start making waves within the state sooner than later, so folks should go ahead and get familiar with Raye.


6’2 ’22 Manny Elliott (Greensboro Warriors)

In many ways, Manny Elliott was quietly one of the top breakout performers from Phenom Summer Finale. His game hasn’t changed much over the last calendar year, but he’s definitely taken things to a new level and now looks ready to be a major contributor at the high school level. Elliott is a sharp, polished three-level scorer that can legitimately carry an efficient offense as the primary leader. He’s smart and crafty, which allows him to regularly create for himself and others off the bounce. Elliott has a deep bag of tricks to gain separation and has the ability to really get going from anywhere on the floor. He plays with a chip on his shoulder and truly wants to annihilate his assignment in every way possible. Elliott is phenomenal in the open floor and displays capabilities as a useful playmaker when attacking the basket. He’s still very young and just beginning to scratch the surface of his long-term abilities, so it would be wise to keep an eye on him, as he has a chance to be the next big basketball talent out of Dudley.