Phenom Hoops hosted another fantastic event, this time in Greensboro, North Carolina, where college coaches were welcomed and showed up by the dozens. There were many intriguing teams and even more intriguing prospects; in this article, we will look at a quality group of those guys.

North Carolina Preps

Possessing the ability to perform on both ends of the floor is a massive asset in today's basketball, and lately it appears that 6'1 Jahlen King (2018) is among the stronger two-way players in North Carolina. King is a point guard that has flown under the radar, quietly dominating over the last year, but coaches have begun to take notice. Offensively, King is a three-level scorer that is blindingly quick off the dribble and has extremely impressive speed in the open floor. He is smart, athletic, and skilled, add those to a tight handle and terrific vision and you already have the makings of an elite offensive player. Then there's the other side of the ball where King is typically the best defender in the gym; his positioning is pristine and he plays mirror-like defense at all times, on and off-ball. King will snatch the ball from opposing guards or intercept the passing lane, allowing him to control play on the defensive end. It's hard to want much more than a player capable of scoring whenever he wants and also doubles as the teams' best defender. King's recruitment has opened up and he has been contacted from a variety of Division I programs; it will only continue to skyrocket this summer, as he makes his name one to remember.

NC Runnin' Rebels

Some players just have a natural ability to run the point guard position,6'1 Chris Barnette (2018) is one of those players. Barnette is a fantastic all-around player that does everything at a high level, but it's his basketball IQ that sets him apart from other prospects. He is almost a lock to be the smartest player in any given gym and it is clear when watching Barnette play, as he controls the pace on both ends of the floor and sees the game in slow motion. Offensively, Barnette scores on three levels efficiently while distributing the ball at an extremely high rate; he is a quality ball handler and possesses a quick first step off the dribble. Simply put, he is a highly productive player, able to get it done in a wide variety of ways. Barnette loses zero of that productivity on the defensive end, where he takes pride in his ability to lockdown opposing guards. Though he may not be the most athletic player on the floor, he is still able to play on and off-ball defense extremely well against opponents that are bigger, stronger, or faster than him. Barnette reads pick and rolls exceptionally well on both ends, able to jump passing lanes and lead the fast break; he doesn't make bad decisions with the ball. Barnette isn't flashy (though he is capable); he just comes to the gym locked in, ready to play. Perhaps the lack of glitz and glamour is what has lead to such an overlook in his recruiting, but that'll definitely change soon, as he continues to bring everything a coach could want to the table each game.

His teammate, 6'6 Kenyon Burt (2018), is another player whose recruiting status doesn't match his production. Burt is probably one of the most unique players we've seen and it's easy to understand why. Despite measuring at six foot six inches, Burt is an incredibly strong rebounder and has consistently dominated opposing big men that exceed him in size. Upon gathering offensive rebounds, Burt is a great decision maker and knows how to get his shot off clean whenever he's around the basket. He plays with an exceptionally high motor and can disrupt opponents on both sides of the ball. Offensively, Burt scores within the offense, never forcing the issue, and has also shown the ability to handle the ball on the perimeter and even dish to others on kick-outs from penetration. These are more recent additions to his game, which would lead one to believe that Burt can still improve, despite already being an extremely productive player. Versatility on defense could be Burt's biggest asset, as he can defend two to three positions very well and doesn't seem to lose a step when switched onto smaller guard on pick and rolls. Burt is strong, athletic, smart, and understands his role extremely well; he makes winning plays on both sides of the ball. There isn't a harder worker in the gym than Burt, and college coaches will take notice very soon.

Durham Hurricanes

Players constantly improve, and 6'0 Jalen Johnson (2018) has been improving at a rapid rate over the last year. Last summer, we recall Johnson at Summer Havoc, where he displayed all the physical tools to play at the next level. Not even one full year later, we see Johnson now understanding the mental aspect of the game far better. Offensively, Johnson has turned into a three-level scorer that loves to burn opponents off the dribble on his path towards the rim. He's very strong, fast, and quick, able to do simply whatever he wants against most other guards. Johnson's decision making has improved considerably and now he is a phenomenal creator for himself and others; he reads the defense quite well and knows when to attack versus defer. His defensive ability is as strong as ever; he is hyperactive on that end of the floor and can physically wear down opposing guards with his relentlessness. Johnson attacks opponents on defense and can get a steal when the team needs one, on or off-ball. Despite his recruitment not matching his on-court ability, expect Johnson to continue playing his rugged, team-first style of ball, and the coaches will be forced to come calling.