Phenom Hoops hosted another fantastic event, this time in Greensboro, North Carolina, where college coaches were welcomed and showed up by the dozens. There were many intriguing teams and even more intriguing prospects; in this article, we will look at a quality group of those guys.

Charlotte Royals

Versatility combined with vision is a dangerous pairing, which is why'6'5 Torey James (2018)'has become a nightmare for opponents to guard. James is a long, wiry off-guard that can play three positions comfortably, and be the primary ball handler in any lineup. His ability to accelerate is a tremendous tool; James can get from zero to sixty in a single step and steamroll his way to the rim, where he will score or draw a foul almost every time. James has a tight handle and can create a shot for himself or others extremely well; he distributes the ball frequently and scores on three levels efficiently. On defense, James is sharp, quick, and shows off his high IQ through anticipation in getting steals that lead to fast breaks; he also utilizes his length exceptionally well around the rim on rotations. At Phenom's Opening, James burst onto the scene and was turning heads of everyone watching him, as he was zipping up and down the floor, making plays with consistency and poise. Since then, he has only become a more enticing prospect; college coaches should certainly give a look to this unique, yet productive, prospect.

Team Charlotte

Seeing a player with maturity beyond his years is tantalizing, and'5'9 Jordan McPhatter (2021)'is as tantalizing as they come. McPhatter is an amazing passer and will be one of the most relevant names in North Carolina for the next four years, especially if he continues to improve. Offensively, he scores on three levels whenever he wants but typically controls the floor, only looking for his shot within the teams' natural ball movement. McPhatter has vision that only a handful of players can match; he sees things that no one else can on the basketball floor. His ability to handle the ball, create shots (for himself or others), and distribute passes are all simply phenomenal. McPhatter is just a rising freshman but has vision that is oddly reminiscent of the recent Missouri commit Blake Harris. Despite his size, McPhatter is a quality defender, especially on-ball, where he displays very quick hands and jumps into passing lanes easily. He has been the most consistent and all-around best player for this Team Charlotte squad, which is impressive, since he's playing up an age group and just dominating. McPhatter plays with a viciousness and hunger that makes opponents shutter, forcing them into bad decisions and turnovers. Expect to hear his name more and more in the coming months, as he continues to draw attention with his impressive play.

Flight22 Elite

There are certain guys that are just winners,'6'0 Kenny Dye (2018)brings winning qualities to any team he plays on. Dye is a point guard that leads his team on both ends of the floor, both vocally and in terms of production. Whenever a pass needs to be made, the team is lacking points, or requires a stop on defense, count on Dye to be front and center to make the play. Offensively, he creates extremely well off the dribble, able to score on three levels at a high level. Dye is very efficient with his shot selection; he can take–and make–difficult shots from anywhere, and his craftiness around the rim is devastating for opponents. His IQ is through the roof and it's evident through his innate ability to create for others; he sees angles and openings before they are even revealed. Dye is exciting to watch because he is always looking to contribute, and spectators tend to be surprised when they see just how many facets of the game he can affect. His two-way leadership and production will be impossible to ignore and college coaches will take note of Dye sooner than later.

Flight22 Premier

Some players just bring that 'it' factor to the table, and it seems their presence on the court always reaps positive benefits for the team;'5'8 Freddie Taylor (2018)'is exactly that guy. Think what you will about this size, it does not matter. Taylor has consistently dominated opponents that are bigger, stronger, and taller than him, on both sides of the ball. Offensively, he scores on three levels and has the ability to get separation for a shot whenever he wants. Taylor is always the toughest player in the gym, regardless of opponent, and shows it at all times. He will meet anyone at the rim and still manage to get a clean shot off. Taylor is elite defensively and capable of defending more than just point guards, as his agility and relentless constantly disrupts opposing guards. He literally smothers his assignment and forces turnovers in abundance; his IQ and vision are also quite strong, frequently looking and connecting for assists to teammates. You simply cannot teach the intangibles and mentality that Taylor provides; he will destroy anyone in his path and takes tremendous pride in doing so. Taylor will play college basketball and coaches will begin gravitating his way once they realize simplyhow'good he truly is.

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