This past weekend, Phenom Hoops traveled to Greensboro, North Carolina for our second annual G3 Showcase. The event is representative of way more than just basketball, as there is a powerful message beyond the surface. That being said, there was a ton of basketball talent in the gym this weekend and we were fortunate enough to see an abundance of high-level play. Numerous guys stood out over the weekend, but we’ll narrow it down to the ten most impressive prospects from my courts. Here are the first five…


6’3 ’22 Dontavious Pettaway (Raising Young Men)

The Raising Young Men squad was one of the most exciting squads in attendance at our G3 Showcase and, in many ways, Dontavious Pettaway was their unquestioned leader. He was arguably the most versatile prospect on display, given his ability to reliably defend all five positions while serving as a primary ball-handler on offense. Pettaway displayed a high IQ, craftiness, and an abundance of leadership qualities, which allowed him to get wherever he wanted on the floor while constantly setting up his teammates. He shot the ball efficiently from all three levels, but was nearly unstoppable when attacking the basket and utilizing his size/length. Pettaway has a great frame and fluid athleticism, which he highlights frequently on defense and in transition. He is already very enticing, but Pettaway has obvious upside and should be a name for college coaches to put in their memory bank.


6’0 ’22 Neeko Taylor (Raising Young Men)

His teammate, Neeko Taylor, was easily on the short list for most impressive shooters that we’ve seen throughout this entire season. He can really shoot the ball from anywhere on the floor, but his smooth tendencies and overall feel for the game is what makes him a special type of prospect. Taylor moves incredibly well without the ball and understands how to position himself perfectly for spot-up chances. He only requires a glimmer of daylight to get off a clean look, but is also capable of attacking closeouts for pull-ups and finishes around the basket. Taylor has quality vision and is capable of operating as a primary ball-handler with relative ease, which allows him to seamlessly toggle between either guard position. He showcased a complete two-way skillset this past weekend and is another prospect that college coaches should get to know.


6’1 ’21 Javonte Waverly (Royal Knights)

The Royal Knights organization has proven to be among the toughest, unselfish, and most rugged teams over these last few weeks. Javonte Waverly has been at the forefront of his team’s success while making a lasting impression with his skillset and two-way leadership. He’s smart and crafty with the ball in his hands, making some truly brilliant passes while taking advantage of any scoring opportunity from inside the arc. Waverly is a tenacious, instinctual defender that utilizes his length, athleticism, and meticulous positioning to force turnovers at an exceptional rate. He rebounds quite well for his position and pushes transition play with consistency, which is where he’s undeniably at his best. Waverly looks to make the right play whenever possible and has the necessary abilities to do so. He’s a scholarship-level prospect that can carve out a role with any group of teammates.


6’3 ’21 Nick Green (Royal Knights)

As impressive as the Royal Knights were, one could truly argue that Nick Green was as valuable as anyone on the roster. He’s an unbelievably smooth guard prospect with an absolute flamethrower from beyond the arc. Green belongs on an incredibly short list of the top shooters in North Carolina after his showing at our G3 Showcase. He’s smart and possesses great size for his position, able to work inside or outside of the arc with little hesitation. Green was able to handle the ball and create for himself or others, but typically looked to position himself without the ball for easy scoring opportunities. He stood out with his spot-up ability, but also worked hard on cutting chances and secured numerous buckets from off-ball cuts. Green defended quite well and pursued rebounds on either end of the floor. Right now, all types of scholarship-holding coaches should be in pursuit of the silky-smooth Green.


6’3 ’21 Jamarien Dalton (Team FLY)

It can be difficult to quantify exactly how significant a player can be to a given team, but it’s pretty obvious with Jamarien Dalton. No player in attendance at our G3 Showcase was more involved, as he simply did everything for his team and did so at an exceptionally high level. Dalton is a true two-way leader that sets the tone on both ends of the floor and understands how to play the game the right way. He displayed an excellent feel for the game and has no real holes within his skillset. Dalton is a three-level scorer that creates for himself and others while serving as the primary ball-handler and decision-maker. He’s very smart and poised, which is especially evident on defense, where he was an absolute menace all weekend long. Dalton plays with such a spectacular motor and knows how to apply it throughout the game, forcing turnovers, making hustle plays, and doing anything possible to secure additional possessions for his team. He’s a team-first guy that was able to consistently lead by example over the weekend. Like the previous four, college coaches need to start taking a look at Dalton.