This past weekend, Phenom Hoops traveled to Greensboro, North Carolina for our second annual G3 Showcase. The event is representative of way more than just basketball, as there is a powerful message beyond the surface. That being said, there was a ton of basketball talent in the gym this weekend and we were fortunate enough to see an abundance of high-level play. Numerous guys stood out over the weekend, but we’ll narrow it down to the ten most impressive prospects from my courts. Yesterday, we went through the first five names and here we will finish the list…


6’2 ’20 Nishawn Hodge (PSB Brim)

There was so much to like about this PSB Brim squad, from their spacing to nonstop unselfishness and effort, and Nishawn Hodge led the charge for most of the weekend. We’ve seen Hodge numerous times before, but he’s really elevated his game to an entirely new level over the recent months. His IQ, pace, and three-level scoring is what stands out from the initial observation. Upon closer examination, one can see that Hodge is an exceptional playmaker with phenomenal vision and high-level passing instincts. He has size and nice athleticism, but his smoothness and ability to make his surrounding teammates better seems to stand out above all else. Hodge makes the correct read with poise and consistency, which is something that cannot be said for plenty of other highly-touted floor generals within the state. He’s a well-rounded defender that understands how to properly utilize his length against opposing ball-handlers and when pursuing rebounds. Right now, college coaches should be taking a closer look at Hodge, who certainly has a place at the next level.


6’1 ’20 Andrew Shull (Renegades)

There were a lot of quality floor generals in attendance at our G3 Showcase, but Andrew Shull’s name must be mentioned with the best of them. He’s from the pure point guard mold, but understands how to balance his approach between scoring and playmaking. Shull is a high-IQ player that leads by example and through communication on both ends of the floor. He makes excellent, team-first decisions with the ball in his hands and does a truly great job of getting all his teammates involved on offense. As poised and polished as Shull is at playmaking, he’s arguably just as proficient when it comes to scoring the ball. He can attack the basket, stop and pull-up from midrange, or shoot the ball with terrific efficiency from beyond the arc. Shull possesses a sharp, decisive mentality and likes to keep the opposition guessing by mixing things up offensively. He’s a useful defender that displays quality positioning and a strong motor at all times, which allows him to force turnovers and secure loose balls at an excellent rate. Shull will be a great asset at the next level and should start garnering the interest of numerous college coaches.


6’6 ’22 Drake Downs (WNC Warriors)

There were many impressive unsigned and upperclassmen post prospects on display, but Drake Downs was possibly the top big man across all underclassmen. He has size, touch, and an excellent interior feel for the game on both ends of the floor. Downs scores the ball with efficiency, valuing every offensive touch and finishing with ease more times than not. He’s able to finish nicely with either hand and is capable of playing above the rim at times, but typically looks to take advantage of opponents with his poise and patience around the basket. Downs knows his strengths quite well and plays within himself on offense, usually only looking to score within five or so feet but also able to highlight a midrange jumper on occasion. He possesses exceptional timing and length, which he utilizes very well on defense to rebound and protect the rim. Downs also runs the floor with purpose and already looks like a promising prospect, especially if he continues to develop at his current rate.


6’7 ’22 David Tubek (Renegades)

In terms of long-term potential, no player was more intriguing or appealing than David Tubek, a do-it-all forward with a tremendous array of skills and a unique blend of size, skill, and athleticism. He’s still so new to the game, but already showcases a lot of natural instincts on both ends of the floor. Tubek handles the ball extremely well for his size and possesses impressive versatility on both ends of the floor. His fluidity as an athlete allows him to defend almost every position on the court with relative ease. Tubek rebounds the ball at a high level and is capable of being the leading rebounder in every contest, regardless of competition. He’s incredible in transition and causes an abundance of problems for the opposition, especially with the ball in his hands. Tubek plays above the rim whenever possible and doesn’t shy away from any opponent under the basket. It’s easy to see the special qualities and obvious upside of Tubek, but his journey should be exciting to watch over these next few years.


6’4 ’22 Damian Robinson (Flight 22)

Though we mainly saw him in the early action from day one of our G3 Showcase, Damian Robinson and his spectacular two-way showing remained in our memory. He’s big, strong, and is capable of truly dominating the paint on both ends of the floor. Robinson does a lot of things extremely well, but his motor is what stands out above all else and simply makes him a nightmare assignment for most opponents. He possesses IQ and phenomenal hands, which allows him to gobble up any available rebounds on both ends of the floor. Robinson was easily among the most polished rebounders on display and positions himself to secure multiple boards within the same possession. He runs the floor well and made a pretty strong impression as the primary rim-protector for this Flight 22 squad. Robinson is already quite productive, but could become a special prospect with time and continued work.