This past weekend opened up the 'live' period for AAU basketball, allowing college coaches to watch and actively recruit prospects. Phenom Hoops could be found in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where we had seventeen courts with continuous action, including a state-of-the-art facility at the Upward Stars Center. About 130 teams were in attendance and nearly that many college coaches were courtside among the various facilities. Dozens of interest and offers have already been handed out as a result. Next, we will look at a special collection of players that stood out, rightfully deserving proper recognition.

Team Penny

With recruiting, some guys just simply fall through the cracks despite doing everything necessary to get noticed. That describes'5'10 Kavion Hancock (2017)'perfectly. Hancock might get overlooked for his smaller stature, but he turns heads with his ability to simply not miss from three-point territory. He's a lead guard that can also play off-ball, this is due to his absolutely lethal jumper, which is extremely quick and money from all three levels. Hancock is tough, willing to meet big men at the rim and finish, regardless of contact. He's smart and crafty, able to lull defenders into biting on fakes and then torching them off the dribble, leading to a bucket or easy assist. Hancock is lightning-quick with or without the ball and has solid leaping ability; he displays a high IQ when looking to create for others, and even tossed a few alley-oops. On championship day, Hancock had back-to-back games of 29 points, both of which he hit at least seven three-pointers. Somehow though, he is still an unsigned senior; look for Hancock to pick up offers if he continues shredding opposing teams apart this summer.

Tennessee Bobcats

Here is another prospect that has just flown under the radar despite having the 'wow' factor that commonly attracts attention,'6'5 Taijon Jones (2017). Jones is a long, sturdy off-guard who knows how to heat up in a hurry. He is a three-level scorer but loves the three-pointer, and rightfully so, as he frequently shoots upwards of 50% from range. Jones' jumper is held high and has a quick release; he rarely is in a position to get blocked, but also knows how to dangle defenders into flinching on his pump fake. Jones finishes fairly well at the rim and looks for the dump-off whenever possible. He has a high IQ and solid feel for the game, but his deep three-point range will stand out immediately, as Jones is very capable of striping in shots from the hash marks. On defense, Jones uses his length well and knows how to manipulate opponents into turning the ball over, in an attempt to avoid his long arms. Jones has a few offers under his belt but will certainly pick up more in the coming months as he makes his final mark on AAU basketball.

TMP Elite

Tweeners are usually defined as a guy that has the size'or'skill to play one forward position but not the other, well'6'8 Jalen Slawson (2018)'is able to play both roles comfortably. Slawson will be commonly referred to in that manner as coaches begin seeing him this summer because they might be unsure of what to think. On one hand, Slawson can be the best rebounder on the floor, but on the other, he is a stronger shooter and has the size/strength to get looks whenever he wants, making it difficult to decide where exactly to place him. Fortunately, his skillset is a nice problem to have, as he can play inside or on the perimeter. He's athletic, able to get rebounds at the highest point and is a constant threat for second-chance opportunities. Slawson has all the physical tools necessary to defend multiple positions: speed, quickness, length and quality instincts around the rim. There is a lot to like about Slawson's game and intrigue is one of them, as coaches can do so many different things with a player featuring his ability. When he's shooting the ball efficiently, there is simply no way to guard him, and that'll also be a great reason why college coaches will develop interest in him this summer season.

Team Felton

Players that are able to affect all facets of the game will always earn minutes, and'6'6 Isaiah Bigelow'(2018)'fits that extremely well. Bigelow is a long, skilled wing that does everything at a quality rate on both sides of the floor. Offensively, Bigelow is a smooth, efficient scorer on all three levels and has the ability to get a shot whenever and wherever he wants. He's athletic and long, able to rise up over pretty much any defender to get off a clean look, frequently causing problems for opponents attempting to contain him. Bigelow is especially intriguing on the defensive end, where he is quick and versatile enough to cover three positions extremely well; he even looks comfortable when forced to switch onto big men around the basket. The combination of high motor and IQ makes Bigelow an even bigger threat, as he can be relentless when going for the ball on rebounds, steals and blocks. Once he gets a full head of steam in transition, get out of the way, because Bigelow has shown that he will throw it down, regardless of victims in the way. Look for Bigelow to become a popular name among college coaches this summer, as he should pick up at least a handful of offers before it's all said and done.