Phenom Hoops' NC Top 80 Camp continued to solidify its reputation as one of the top, most exciting exposure events across the state. The collection of talent is undeniable and the subplots are endless, which it a big part of what makes it so fun. This year's field was arguably the most intriguing group to ever attend the event, featuring guys from all pockets of North Carolina. This article will highlight some personal favorites from the afternoon.


#28: 6'2 '21 Jaquantae Harris (Hoke County)

The only sophomore on this list was easily among the top guards at camp, regardless of class, and it deserves appropriate recognition. Harris is an absolute monster with the ball in his hands; he possesses an amazing feel for the game and can literally get anywhere he wants off the bounce. He's so strong and shifty, which caused an abundance of problems for opposing guards, as no single defender was able to consistently stay in front of him. Harris has a tight handle and utilizes his left-handedness to deceive defenders on a regular basis, though he's extremely capable of going right and continuing to dominate his assignment. He sees the floor very well and is capable of making highlight-reel passes look routine. Harris is a well-rounded athlete with sneaky leaping ability. He is a solid three-point shooter that finishes nearly anything he attempts within fifteen feet, regardless of contact. There's so much to like with his game, especially since he's just beginning to scratch the surface of his long-term potential. He's a prospect that Division I programs should start prioritizing.


#29: 6'1 '20 JaJuan Carr (Pender)

It's hard to fathom that Carr only holds a single offer at the current point in time, given how unbelievably poised he's proven to be. The point guard prospect is a silent killer that quietly goes about his business and controls the game with intelligence and maturity like no other. Carr possesses zero holes within his skillset: he's a plus athlete, brilliant passer, efficient three-level scorer, leader by example, and excellent all-around defender. That statement alone should explain why he appears on this list, but his performance today was also quite exceptional. Like his description would imply, Carr thrived in this setting and showed no fear of any opponent in his path. He attacks the basket with strength and purpose, but displayed the ability to knock down pull-ups and shots from beyond the arc on a regular basis. Carr defended noticeably well in setting where most guys try to showcase their offensive skillset, which deserves noting. He isn't animated or into the theatrics, so folks must pay attention to truly understand his two-way greatness. Carr should be an absolute lock to see an uptick in his recruitment within the next few months.


#74: 6'5 '20 Josh Banks (Olympic)

Few guys in attendance brought more excitement than Banks, who looks like a surefire Division I prospect and should be great this upcoming season with Team United. His body has continued to improve over time, but he's always possessed the all-around skillset necessary to evenly affect all facets of the game. Banks is a quality athlete with great length and the ability to score from all levels, despite his somewhat unorthodox shooting mechanics. He has a strong feel for the game and attacks the basket with great consistency, where he's able to finish while properly utilizing his length. Banks has intriguing defensive versatility and is capable of containing three to four positions at this level. He was extremely productive throughout the day and should certainly be a prospect worth noting as we enter the summer season.


#79: 6'6 '20 Aleksander Stoimenov (Tri-City Christian)

There was an abundance of high-level shooters in the building, but very few are better than Stoimenov, who is a prospect that all Division I programs should start monitoring. He's from the pure shooter mold, but is capable of doing so much more than just spotting-up. Stoimenov has a solid handle and reliably creates within two to three dribbles, both for himself and others. He has picture-perfect shooting form and excellent range on his jumper. Stoimenov is an underrated athlete with great length and positional size, which allows him to toggle between either wing position with relative ease. He's been in the states for less than a year, so there's a lot to be encouraged about with his continued progression, especially in terms of physical strength. Stoimenov is a high-IQ player that knows how to adapt to various roles and make a consistent impact. College coaches should start tracking him with more urgency.


#113: 6'9 '20 Georges Lefebvre (Cape Fear Academy)

In terms of strict intrigue, no player was more appealing than Lefebvre, who is officially way under-recruited and should hold at least a handful of strong Division I offers. At 6-foot-9, Lefebvre is incredibly skilled for his size and has the ability to overwhelm any assignment on either end of the floor. He handles the ball and sees the floor extremely well, which allows him to essentially do whatever he desires on the offensive side of the ball. Lefebvre is capable of relentlessly scoring the ball from anywhere within thirty feet and shoots the ball exceptionally well from the power forward position. He's a terrific athlete with a great blend of length and strength, which he utilizes extremely well when attacking the basket, rebounding the ball, and protecting the rim. As skilled and unique as Lefebvre is offensively, he's arguably more impressive on the defensive side of the ball. He moves unbelievably well and is truly capable of switching across all positions or protecting the rim full-time. There's no knock on Lefebvre's skillset and he's a prospect that high-level programs must begin prioritizing.