Phenom Hoops traveled to Greensboro Day School in Greensboro, North Carolina to host our National Showcase and it was one for the ages. There were plenty talented teams and dozens of talented players on display, this article is meant to shed light on some of those very specific prospects.

6'6 '18 Alex Michael of Greensboro Day School

Intelligence on the basketball floor is one of the easiest things to notice, you either know what to do or you don't, and Alex Michael is a player that always knows what to do. He is the glue-guy that holds the piece of art that is GDS basketball together and he does so with his ability to coexist with any group of players. Michael can play either wing spot or as the power forward given the circumstance, and being able to have a player like that within a rotation opens many opportunities on both sides of the ball. Offensively, he's a three-level scorer that's often slotted away from the ball, where he poses a huge threat. Once the ball is swung his way, Michael has the ability to pull-up or put the ball on the floor, where he has a knack for finishing and passing through traffic. Not enough can be stated about his IQ, as it's clear through his vocal presence and intangibles that he is more than capable of leading a team. He's a plus in all facets of defensive play, both on and off-ball, and especially on closeouts; he rarely leaves his feet unless there is certainty for a shot. Michael is very unselfish and disciplined; he has honed the idea that it doesn't matter where the scoring comes from, as long as it is in his team's favor. Greensboro Day School's coach, Freddy Johnson, informed us that Michael is fully healthy after battling through concussions early on and a broken leg most recently. He looks to be in pristine form as they enter the season and could seriously have a breakout year.

Interest: Wofford, Furman, South Carolina Upstate

6'7 '18 TJ Smith of Wesley Christian

Wesley Christian is a school that showcased a variety of intriguing players, each with their own quirky tendencies, but it was TJ Smith who was their go-to presence in crunch time. He's long and has the ability to play inside or out while remaining a smooth three-level scorer with high upside. Smith likes to post-up smaller guys or take bigger defenders off the dribble against, and both have proved to be effective scoring methods. He's the type of player that affects the game on more than just the offensive side of the ball; Smith is looking to make winning plays at all times, not just with the ball in his hands. When given ball handling duties, he does a solid job and knows how to create for himself quite well. He's a smart player that utilizes his length on the defensive end to disrupt opponents, leading to countless steals and deflections. Smith is a quality athlete in terms of leaping and top speed. He is a very intriguing prospect and has already drawn the attention of major programs. The more coaches observe him, the more they tend to like him, and he will only continue to draw interest through his junior year.

Offers: Stetson, Siena, Illinois State

Interest: Purdue, DePaul, Xavier, Miami

6'9 '18 Jack Hemphill of Ravenscroft

Two-way big men are returning as a coveted asset, and as the small-ball trend is starting to plateau, players like Jack Hemphill are sought after. He's more of a traditional big man that likes to set up shop on the low block and often leans on his strong righty hook when looking for easy points. Hemphill is more athletic than he looks and defenders must stay attached to him because he will rise up and make them pay if they leave him open around the basket. He's classified as quality defender that anchors the paint and consistently alters opponents' shots; he displays a high IQ and has the ability to switch onto wings in the pick and roll. Though he doesn't look to score often, Hemphill does nearly everything else at an above average rate, especially rebounding on both sides of the ball. He possesses a strong, mobile body and the ability to stuff the stat sheet. Hemphill is a complimentary piece that will eventually make a program very pleased with his all-around play.

Offers: McNeese State

Interest: Hartford, Lafayette, Mercer, James Madison, East Carolina, Boston University

6'6 '19 Josiah James of Porter Gaud

Finishing things up with one of the most intelligent and unique players in the country, Josiah James. He's a legit 6'6 lead guard with a mind that is far beyond his years; sophomores simply don't have the intellect and polish that he does. James handles and distributes the ball at incredibly high rates; he simply never turns the ball over. There is no defense too savvy for him to contort, as he breaks down defenses at will and gets the ball to his teammates in prime situations. In terms of scoring, he prefers to operate within the three-point line, though he has shown flashes of a reliable outside shot. James has the ability to pull-up from midrange or get to the basket and finish with control; he is certainly more of a true point guard than a scoring guard. His length allows him to attack angles that are a pipe dream for most prospects, as he can rise up and finish over big men regularly. Defensively, he is able to lock down three positions and forces a ton of turnovers (both blocks and steals). Once James gets in transition, the baskets are non-stop, whether he is the finisher or distributor. He currently sits at #2 for our 2019 South Carolina rankings and will continue to justify his place among the elite as he enters his sophomore season at Porter Gaud.

Offers: Clemson, Georgia Tech, Tennessee

Interest: South Carolina, Central Florida