Phenom Hoops traveled to Greensboro Day School in Greensboro, North Carolina to host our National Showcase and it was one for the ages. There were plenty talented teams and dozens of talented players on display, this article is meant to shed light on some of those very specific prospects.

6'0 '17 Rayshwan Neal of Legacy Charter

Getting scouting is an interesting process; sometimes a player can possess all the tools and do everything right in terms of productivity yet still remain relatively unknown, Rayshawn Neal is one of those players. Offensively, he's a three level scorer that can knock down the three-pointer or finish strong at the cup. Neal is intelligent and breaks down/manipulates defenses to get whatever look he wants, for himself or teammates; has great court vision and isn't shy about distributing the ball. The lead guard has a strong, sturdy frame that allows him to stay low and move quickly when on the defensive end. He has all the physical tools: speed (with or without the ball), lateral quickness, and verticality. Neal participated in the North Carolina Top 80 after coming off his sophomore season in 2015, and his name can be found at #26 on our 2017 South Carolina Rankings. There is no reason a guy like this should be available right now, as he is a two-way leader that can get double digit points or assists every time he steps on the floor.

6'1 '17 Chris Barnette of Ravenscroft

Next, another guy that has simply soared under the radar but will hopefully get a deserved look during his senior season, Chris Barnette. He is very polished on both ends and works incredibly hard every second he's on the floor; was among the highest motors on display at the National Showcase. Barnette leads his team whenever a leader needs to emerge and has no problem taking over in crunch time. He's a lead guard that gets whatever he wants on offense; he has three-level scoring ability that features a silky three-point shot, a sharp pull-up jumper from both elbows, and an efficient touch around the basket. Barnette is the type of player that scores within the offense that spectators tend to forget about him, and end up shocked when he finishes with 17-19 points with only a few misses, a seemingly common occurrence. In terms of handling the ball, he has keeps it on a string and rarely turns it over while dishing out assists at extremely high rates. His rebounding rate is high and this is credited to Barnette's phenomenal effort, not his size. Defensively, he is way grittier than opponents anticipate and guards his position quite well, both on and off-ball. Barnette is a team player above all else and would be a gem for a number of programs; has all the tools and polish necessary to be a player at the next level right now.

6'6 '18 Michael Wynn of Liberty Heights

Here is an off-guard whose name has been gathering considerable buzz and for good reason, Michael Wynn. There isn't a hole in his game, on either end of the floor, and he has the ideal size for a wing. He is a two-way threat that takes pride in guarding the best opposing perimeter player; Wynn even checked 6'8 Joel Ntambwe for much of the second half during their game at National Showcase. He displays all the IQ and physical tools necessary to remain a plus-defender at the collegiate level. With all of that being said about his defense, his offensive game is what proved to be truly impressive. Wynn can score in a variety of ways: catch and shoot or pull-up is available on three levels, is a strong finisher around the rim (can lay it up or dunk), and can get a clean look whenever he wants. Though he plays off-ball, Wynn can handle, create, and distribute in a pinch; has real potential to play three positions at the next level. His length, IQ, and physical tools allow him to be an extremely versatile player on either end of the floor. Wynn's recruitment is a lock to continue trending upwards, as he just transferred from high school in New York and will become a priority for coaches across the country.

Offers: Siena, Florida Atlantic

Interest: Kansas State, Iowa State, DePaul, Rutgers, Cincinnati, Rhode Island, Texas Tech, Charlotte

6'6 '18 John Newman III of Greensboro Day School

Continuing on with one of the biggest must-see prospects in the state for his elite two-way presence, John Newman III. He is one of the key cogs within an elite-level defense at Greensboro Day School. Phenomenal defensive play is a lock when Newman is on the floor; he has the ability to shut down three (and sometimes four) positions without breaking a sweat. His acceleration is noticeable from the first passing lane he jumps, which usually occurs in the opening minutes followed by a fast break dunk. There are few (if any) players in the country that can take advantage of Newman on that end; he moves so sharp laterally, possesses incredible IQ, awareness and footwork. Newman plays with a hunger and fire that simply can't be taught, as he treats every possession the same, like it's the last one of the contest. He's an elite athlete that utilizes all his physical tools effectively on both ends of the floor, and especially in transition. Offensively, he is an intriguing player that can score on three levels, though he typically picks his spots and plays within the team. Newman is strong off the bounce and can get to the rim with relative ease against any opponent. Too often opposing teams dared him to shoot and he scorched them time after time; he displays quality mechanics and has a deadly pull-up jumper. Newman is a team player that hunts for the best shot, creates looks for teammates and willingly distributes the ball. He's incredibly gifted on both sides of the floor and remains a walking mismatch. There's no doubt that Newman will have plenty of options when he chooses where he'll attend.

Offer: Clemson, Cincinnati, Providence, Wake Forest, Boston College, Old Dominion, James Madison, Charlotte

Interest: UConn, Florida, Temple

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