This past weekend, Phenom Hoops traveled out to the Rock Hill Sports and Events Center for another exciting three-day stretch of basketball at our G3 Showcase. The field featured a ton of memorable teams, including a slew of shoe-circuit programs. Given the talent and intensity, it ultimately made for a highly competitive tournament. Like usual, this article will take a closer look at a handful of personal favorites from the weekend. Let's dive in….

6'10 '23 Riley Allenspach (Team Curry)

Even though Team Curry narrowly suffered defeat in the championship contest, it would be extremely difficult to say anything other than positives about Riley Allenspach and everything he provided throughout the weekend. He's clearly made strides within his development (as most big men do around this stage) over the recent months. Make no mistake, Allenspach has been a primary leader for this group all season long, but these constant flashes of sheer dominance were somewhat unforeseen. Regardless, he's really transitioned into a steady, reliable, low-maintenance center with a fundamental, straightforward identity. Allenspach provides a lot of useful traits and abilities, but his offensive polish is arguably his most appealing quality. He possesses touch with either hand, and finishes well over either shoulder or above the rim'but also spaces the floor at a high percentage. Allenspach also displays great effort, footwork, and unselfishness. He's a useful screener with the ability to effectively pop or roll, and score from either avenue. Additionally, Allenspach is a nice two-way rebounder with strong positioning. He runs the floor well and capitalizes very frequently on transition opportunities. Given his appeal as a 6-foot-10 big man, it's easy to see why schools are in pursuit of Allenspach. 

6'7 '25 Sadiq White (Team United)

There are so many variables that go into the long-term development of a young prospect, but it's safe to say Sadiq White continues to trend upward. He's an extremely long, explosive forward prospect who has shown the ability to dominate a game without ever needing a set or play called for him. At 6-foot-7, White is a game-changing athlete with a blossoming skillset. He's someone who instills fear unto opponents. How so' Well, after a few highlight-reel dunks (with or without contact) defenders typically start getting out of his way. White thrives in transition, applies nonstop downhill pressure, and looks to rip the rim off whenever possible. His overall activity level allows him to stand out as a rebounder and shot-blocker. White is skilled enough to push the break in transition, and make solid decisions with the ball in his hands. He displays flashes of versatility defensively, regularly toggling between the perimeter and swatting shots into the stands from the weak-side. It feels like referring to White as 'athletic' or 'explosive' simply isn't enough to encompass his level of athleticism. His teammates are literally attempting lobs from anywhere on the floor, confidently knowing that White can at least get hands on it. White has figured out how to annihilate opponents in a low-maintenance role, but his special upside is still very clear. 

6'5 '24 Jayan Walker (Team Curry)

The city of Durham always seems to have a variety of guys worth noting, and Jayan Walker seems to be the next up in the Bull City from North Carolina's Class of 2024. In all honesty, he should be generating as much buzz as anyone on this roster. Walker's combination of IQ, size, athleticism, and well-rounded skillset make his overall appeal pretty self-explanatory. He naturally does a little bit of everything on the floor, and shows the necessary adaptability to alter his approach as needed. Walker is a fairly versatile player with the ability to defend multiple positions and apply efficient scoring pressure from all three levels. He possesses a strong, fluid frame and utilizes it well to absorb contact when finishing. Walker excels in the open floor, but seems more than comfortable at making an impact within the half court. He doesn't seem to have any glaring weaknesses within his skillset, but also clearly understands how to operate within his role and the team concept. Walker will certainly be a name for Division I coaches to monitor over the next few years. 

6'2 '23 Dallas Gardner (Team Charlotte)

There are instances where specific players will play for the perfect organization, which is certainly the case for Dallas Gardner with Team Charlotte. His tough, gritty, defensive-minded approach makes him a seamless fit with this group. Gardner is a tremendous downhill penetrator with nice feel and the ability to make quality reads with the ball in his hands. He, like multiple of his teammates, seem to be more comfortable and naturally productive as the travel ball season carries onward. While Gardner does look to touch the paint and set up others at a high volume, he's more than capable of finishing through contact, above the rim, or knocking down perimeter jumpers at a respectable percentage. He's also a rugged, high-motor defender who welcomes physicality. Gardner regularly forces turnovers by intercepting passing lanes'where he'll then push transition play with relative ease. There's a lot to like with Gardner, so it'll be interesting to see what is the first program to extend a scholarship. 

5'10 '25 Miles Leaks (Team United)

While his entry on this list shouldn't require any explanation, Miles Leaks was a major difference-maker for his incredibly talented Team United squad. He's a smart, tough, high-motor guard prospect who stands out as an elite three-point shooter. Leaks can handle the ball, set up others, and create as needed, but genuinely knows how to thrive as an off-ball threat. He's an exceptionally reliable spot-up option who moves well without the ball, sets up before the catch, and knocks down jumpers at a very high percentage from distance. Leaks also attacks closeouts well and can access midrange pull-ups whenever needed. He's a scrappy, active on-ball defender with the quickness and instincts to shut down his assignment and force turnovers at a nice rate. Leaks might not be the biggest or flashiest player on the roster, but his value definitely factors in to the success of this group. Expect him to continue turning heads going forward.