Bendel’s Best: EYBL Atlanta Part II

Team CP3 17U 

We at Phenom Hoops are fortunate enough to see 6’5 Coby White (2018) more than most, but his play in the EYBL must be recognized. White does what he does; a lethal bucket-getter on all three levels at an efficient rate. He possesses terrific size and ball handling, which allows him to get shots off over anyone. White gives opposing defenses two options: allow him to score or foul him. Nothing has changed, he still is among the best scorers in the country, but it’s still fascinating to watch him develop new ways to score. White has a hesitation move that leaves defenders cold and a step-back that allows him to get off a jumper whenever he wants. Whether it’s off the dribble or off the catch, he’s been shooting it much better across the board over the last year and it has paid massive dividends for White’s game. North Carolina certainly got a special player, as he remained an elite scorer through Atlanta.


Full of upside and intrigue, 6’7 Hunter Tyson (2018) has become such an interesting player with the ability to score in a wide variety of ways. We’ve had eyes on Tyson for a while now, but he’s just become such a tantalizing prospect on both ends of the floor. His length is tremendous and he understands how to properly utilize it. Tyson has such a deadly offensive game; he can handle the ball on the perimeter and has the ability to create space exceptionally well, allowing him to shoot and score over nearly anyone. Though he continues to grow and get stronger, Tyson still maintains his high IQ, three-level scoring, and dangerous presence on both ends. His potential is as high as anyone’s in the country, as Tyson has a chance to be very special.


As we continue to look at players with rapid development, 6’8 Jaylen Hoard (2018) must be mentioned. The Wesleyan product from France is starting to turn the corner in terms of production and will have his choice of schools come decision time. He’s an all-around beast, simply put. Hoard’s versatility is amazing; he can cover wings or big men with zero issue, given his IQ and pristine positioning. Offensively, he poses great problems for opponents, as he can carve and attack them in so many ways. Hoard can play either side of the pick and roll, spot-up, post-up, or isolate if necessary; he is a machine from all three levels and was a killer during the third session.


Given the plethora of guards and wings on the team, 6’9 Jack Hemphill (2018) is often the x-factor. Hemphill is a brute down low and possesses great upper body strength, allowing him to hit the glass aggressively on both ends. He has great touch around the rim and is able to post-up and get off a clean shot when necessary. However, Hemphill loves to pop out to the elbows, where he can score at a very high rate. He plays within the team and is a high IQ player that doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. Hemphill’s recruitment has begun to tick upward recently, so one should expect him to gain even more offers given his strong play in Atlanta.