On Friday, Phenom Hoops traveled to the CP3 Academy in Winston-Salem, North Carolina for the most prestigious guard camp across the country. Each year, this camp sets out to feature an overwhelming majority of the top guards from high school and the collegiate ranks. With one day behind us, we will look at some of the standouts…


6’4 ’21 Devin Askew (Mater Dei)

It would be difficult to imagine Askew needing two more years of high school ball to prepare for the next level. He was clearly the top performer in the high school division and checks all the boxes that scouts/college coaches should be looking for. Askew immediately stands out for his constant leadership and ability to make others better while still asserting himself as a major offensive threat. He makes the correct read on time and on target with unwavering consistency. Askew is a supremely smart and talented playmaker, but his ability to score against anyone from anywhere on the floor truly might’ve been what separated him from others.


6’7 ’21 Terrence Clarke (Brewster Academy)

While Askew was clearly the top performer, it should be just as obvious that Clarke was the most enticing prospect in attendance. At 6-foot-7, it’s almost unfair to even call him a backcourt player. However, Clarke is so unbelievably skilled and athletic, which makes him such a matchup problem—especially at the high school level. He’s a game-changing presence on both ends of the floor and deserves to have every school vying for his services, as Clarke will be nothing short of unstoppable once he puts it all together.


6’0 ’20 RJ Davis (Archbishop Stepinac)

It can be tough for smaller guards to separate themselves in these camps, but Davis absolutely shined in every scenario. He’s a no-nonsense floor general with an incredibly well-rounded skillset and genuine toughness on both ends of the floor. Davis is an exceptional on-ball defender that can legitimately frustrate all types of opposing guards with his tight positioning and mirror-like quickness. He shoots the ball at a high level from everywhere on the floor and was able to regularly knock down three-pointers from NBA range. Everyone in the country should be buzzing about Davis, as he’s going to be extremely successful at the next level.


6’0 ’20 Myles Tate (Dorman)

With absolutely zero bias, Tate was one of the most impressive high school performers from Elite Guard Camp. Most of these campers possess a ton of exciting physical qualities, but Tate has simply been better than those guys. He’s so sharp and quick off the bounce, which allowed him to frequently get by the point of attack and make plays within the paint. Tate passed the ball very well, but still showcased his lethal ability as a three-level scorer. He looked strong defensively and proved to be at his best in the open floor.


6’3 ’22 Jaden Bradley (Cannon)
It’s quite easy to see what has folks so enamored with Bradley, who already checks so many boxes—both physically and in terms of skill. Without already knowing, it would be difficult for someone to guess his age. Bradley just looks so staggeringly comfortable at all times, never rushed or sped up, always looking to make the smart play, and simply exemplifying a calm demeanor at all times. His offensive game is so polished and his jumper continues to look better and better with each new viewing. Bradley is a quality playmaker and overall athlete that can finish with craftiness or play above the rim with relative ease. One would have to imagine that he’s certainly in the discussion as the top guard in the Class of 2022.