This past weekend, Phenom Hoops had our annual David Rose Memorial Day Classic, an event that honors wounded veterans and supports the Wounded Warrior Project. Each year, some of the toughest teams from around region come together for this loaded event. This year’s field lived up to the event’s reputation and delivered some high-level competition, which featured numerous standout performers. We will take a closer look at some of the best…


6’3 ’21 Po’Boigh King (RDC Lakers)

There are various guys who have a case, but it’s possible that Po’Boigh King was the most intriguing long-term prospect in attendance. He was dominant throughout each contest, but in a very smooth and subtle way, making it appear quite effortless. King has a well-rounded skillset and is pretty versatile on both ends of the floor, which made him an extremely difficult defensive assignment for most opponents. He’s smart, poised, and a very efficient three-level scorer with an innate sense for causing mismatches and taking advantage of his physical tools. King displayed sharp creation instincts and passed the ball to open teammates at a quality rate. He has great size for his position and is capable of making plays with or without the ball in his hands. King was also great on defense and as a rebounder, given his consistent assertiveness and ability to position himself for success. Expect his recruitment to pick up drastically going forward, as he has all the tools to be a very successful player at the next level.


6’3 ’20 Kalib Matthews (Royal Knights)

The Royal Knights have been nothing short of exceptional throughout the last month or so and a lot of that can be credited to the strong two-way play of Kalib Matthews. He’s long, athletic, and able to lead the team in various different areas. Matthews’ eye-popping athleticism is what will attract most spectators, but upon closer examination, one can see the full scope of his impact on both ends of the floor. He handles the ball well for his size and is capable of initiating offense or creating for himself off the bounce. Matthews is exceptional in transition, both as a passer and scorer, and displays terrific craftiness when attacking the basket. He possesses impressive length, which he utilizes extremely well as a rebounder, on-ball defender, and weak-side shot blocker. Matthews scores the ball efficiently from all levels, but is at his best when getting downhill and finishing through contact at the rim. He’s proven his worth with the Royal Knights and should become increasingly coveted over these next few months.


6’5 ’21 Chase McDuffie (Carolina Pressure)

The last calendar year has been a big one for Chase McDuffie, who has taken his game and physique to the next level. He’s a long, active wing prospect that made a strong impression with his defensive prowess and ability to score the ball. For what it’s worth, McDuffie complemented Demetric Hardin (their most productive player) exceptionally well and was able to operate as a secondary creator in a pinch. He’s a fluid athlete that can easily play above the rim or score from all levels. As much as he’s improved offensively, McDuffie is arguably even better on defense, given his ability to guard multiple positions and consistently force turnovers. He’s only going to continue to improve, which should be a scary sight for opponents, as McDuffie has truly just begun to scratch the surface of his long-term upside. College coaches would be wise to start getting involved before he blows up.


6’2 ’20 Jackeem Herbin (NC Red Storm)

The NC Red Storm proved to be one of the top teams in attendance, regardless of age group, and Jackeem Herbin was quite vital to their success, especially in the championship game. He’s a well-rounded guard prospect that offers a quality balance between scoring and playmaking, though he’s arguably better as a scorer. Herbin has a big, strong frame and knows how to utilize his body on both ends of the floor. He’s a willing passer that can operate as a primary creator with relative ease, but typically works alongside another ball-handler. Herbin is a capable defender that can contain three positions quite well and can outrebound bigger/stronger opponents on either end of the floor. He’s capable of expanding his role in an instant and has the shooting ability to stand out as a spot-up threat. There’s already a lot to like about his game, but expect Herbin to continue expanding his skillset and establishing himself as a Division I prospect throughout this senior campaign.


5’11 ’20 Demetrius Washington (Team Phoenix)

The Team Phoenix Elite squad was arguably the deepest team at our David Rose MDC in terms of talent, and a lot of their success starts and ends with Demetrius Washington. In many ways, he’s the unsung hero of this team but honestly can get overlooked because his game is so consistent. Washington is a high-IQ point guard that leads by example, able to set the floor for others while taking advantage of easy scoring opportunities. He’s very quick off the bounce and has no issue entering the paint, where he finishes at an incredibly strong rate. Washington has a complete skillset and will not back down from any opponent, especially on defense. He’s a phenomenal on-ball defender that forces turnovers with regularity and pushes transition play whenever possible. Washington is a no-brainer at the next level and will eventually make a college coach incredibly happy.