This past weekend, Phenom Hoops had our annual David Rose Memorial Day Classic, an event that honors wounded veterans and supports the Wounded Warrior Project. Each year, some of the toughest teams from around region come together for this loaded event. This year’s field lived up to the event’s reputation and delivered some high-level competition, which featured numerous standout performers. We will take a closer look at some of the best…

6’11 ’20 Jonas Aidoo (NC Red Storm)

Every year in North Carolina, it feels like at least one late-blooming big man prospect will emerge and start collecting a flurry of offers. Just in recent memory, guys like Justyn Hamilton, Immanuel Bates, and Nate Springs went from very intriguing to must-offer prospects in a matter of months. Fast-forward to now and Jonas Aidoo has a chance to be the next (and arguably best) name on that list. Since our Top 80 Camp in March, Aidoo has been on an absolute tear on both sides of the ball. He’s been an elite rim-protector and rebounder against all levels of competition, but has also shown the ability to step out and switch onto guards with relative ease. Aidoo has phenomenal size, touch, and shoots the ball particularly well for his position, immediately making him a matchup problem for all types of opponents. He’s very fluid, which allows him to attack closeouts, recover with impeccable timing, and alter shots with regularity. Aidoo plays within himself and possesses quality instincts on both ends of the floor. Buy now, because Aidoo is truly just beginning to scratch the surface of his upside.


6’0 ’23 Treymane Parker (Team Felton)

In all honesty, there might not have been a single prospect in attendance more unstoppable than Treymane Parker. It’s almost unfair how polished and advanced he already is, especially to only be an eighth-grader. Most folks will get excited about his high-level athleticism, but his unbelievable feel for the game is arguably what makes him so dominant. Parker makes the game look effortless with how easily he navigates the floor and affects every single possession. He’s an obvious offensive talent with the full package of IQ, ball-handling, vision, creation skills, and three-level scoring. Nothing makes him look rattled or uncomfortable. Parker dictates the action and controls the tempo with incredible poise. His sharp instincts are very evident on defense, where he commonly overwhelms his assignment and forces turnovers—both on and off-ball. Parker is extremely exciting and plays a winning brand of basketball. It was said on our weekend recap, but Parker might truly be the best prospect (regardless of class) in the entire state.


6’0 ’23 DyQuavion Short (Team Power)

The Team Power organization should be extremely excited about their future, given the way they competed at our David Rose MDC, and DyQuavion Short was a major part of their success. He’s a phenomenal leader that sets the tone on both ends of the floor. Short was a primary scoring option throughout the weekend, able to attack the basket whenever he desired while knocking down jumpers at a solid rate. He handles the ball well and has an unselfish approach, which allows him to create for others quite often. Short plays smart, under control, and understands how to make his presence felt in transition. There’s already a lot to like about his game, so expect Short to continue developing into a two-way problem for the opposition.


6’0 ’23 Alex Gruber (LKN1)

Over these last few years, the Lake Norman area has expanded in terms of basketball talent, which should only continue as Alex Gruber joins the high school ranks. We’ve seen Gruber in multiple different settings and he seems to emerge as a leader with any group of teammates. He’s an all-around player that can operate in a variety of different roles and make a constant impact. Gruber is a reliable creator that can easily play as the main ball-handler, given his fantastic blend of scoring and playmaking. He’s a three-level scorer with craftiness and the ability to finish with either hand when attacking the basket. Gruber has a great nose for the ball and plays with an exceptional motor, which allows him to force turnovers at a tremendous rate. He has no real holes within his game and should be a quality freshman contributor at Lake Norman.


6’0 ’23 Giovanni Nannucci (PSB Wilmot)

The PSB Wilmot squad was among the most entertaining teams on display at our David Rose MDC. They have guys like Jason Hancock and DJ Workman, which immediately allows them to compete with anyone. Add in Giovanni Nannucci and this team becomes incredibly intriguing. He possesses an extremely advanced skillset and overall feel for the game, making him an absolute matchup problem for all types of opponents. Nannucci is more of a guard/wing, but is capable of playing multiple different positions on offense. He has a complete offensive approach and has no real weaknesses on that end of the floor. Nannucci has very impressive footwork, especially at this age and for a non-post player. He’s very efficient with his touches and is capable of scoring from anywhere on the floor or creating easy opportunities for others. Nannucci positions himself well on defense to alter shots and force turnovers, but still has plenty of upside on that end of the floor. Keep an eye out for Nannucci, as he could become a special type of prospect over these next few years.