This past weekend, Phenom Hoops traveled out to Carolina Courts in Concord, North Carolina for a closer look at some of the young up-and-coming talent from around the area. We attended both Saturday and Sunday, and this article will list some personal standouts from the event…

6’4 ’25 Sadiq White (Underrated Athletes)

There were a lot of enticing standouts on display, but White was arguably in a category by himself in terms of intrigue. Already a long, fluid 6-foot-4, he possesses an incredible array of tools along with the ability to actively toggle between the interior and perimeter. White handled the ball, made smart passes, and showcased athleticism and versatility on both ends of the floor. He’s great in transition, both with or without the ball in his hands, and finishes well when attacking the basket. Although he’s already impressive, White is truly just beginning to harness his long-term potential. Should he continue to work, White could realistically become a star in the near future. 

6’8 ’25 Jayden Bey (Carolina Heights)

Whenever a middle-school prospect possesses elite size, folks are bound to take notice, which was exactly the case with Bey. He extremely long and moves well at this stage in his development, showing an understanding of how to rebound and block shots on a regular basis. Bey shows flashes of offensive polish, but primarily finds scoring opportunities as a finisher around the basket. Though it’s still early, Bey is certainly a prospect to monitor going forward. 

6’1 ’26 Ashton Pierce (Underrated Athletes)

While the entirety of this list is comprised of eighth-graders going into their freshman season, Pierce stands out as the lone seventh-grader to make the cut. For starters, one would have no way of actually knowing the all-around guard is younger than his surrounding teammates. His IQ, size, and overall maturity on the court makes the difference in age go completely unnoticed. Pierce showcased the full arsenal: vision, three-level scoring, defensive prowess, and leadership by example on both ends of the floor. His willingness to make the smart, correct decision every time the ball is in his hands should make him a dominant force–especially in his final middle-school season. Pierce is absolutely one to keep an eye on. 

5’10 ’25 Bishop Witherspoon (CLT1)

There were numerous intriguing prospects on the various CLT1 squads, but Witherspoon was arguably the top performer from their program at Concord. He exuded leadership in basically every facet of the game, defending with purpose, dictating the offensive action, and carrying the team on both ends for various stretches. Witherspoon is smart and attacks well in transition, showing a strong balance between scoring and playmaking. He scored the ball from all levels and has the tools to become a quality high school player over the foreseeable future. 

6’0 ’25 Jonah Lawrence (Underrated Athletes)

Although Lawrence is the third prospect listed from Underrated Athletes, their team was simply dominant and deserving of additional attention. He’s a steady, well-rounded guard prospect who already stands out as an elite spot-up threat and overall three-point shooter. Lawrence is a reliable defender, creator, and rebounder, but really shines as a marksman from distance. He possesses IQ, fluid, repeatable shooting mechanics, and the ability to thrive within a role or expand his production as needed. Lawrence has all the makings of a player worth noting and should be poised for a very productive summer season.