Ben L. Smith, host of this past weekend’s Phenom Tourney Town Showcase, put on a show in front of a ruckus crowd and showed that this is a team that will compete on the court. After a strong Day 1 win vs. Southern Durham, they, unfortunately, fell to HP Christian on Day 2 but showed that this is a team that needs eyes its way.

There is talent to be found with this team, as players like 2024 Gage Lattimore, 2024 Jaylon Bumpass, and 2025 Kenny Miller all proved that they could be players for college programs. Lattimore continued to flourish as a shotmaker on the floor with range, scoring from multiple levels but also driving and finishing or getting to the line. Miller brings tremendous athleticism and activity, finishing high at the rim, being a playmaker on the court, and a versatile piece offensively and defensively.  And lastly, Bumpass can be an efficient scoring option with athleticism. He can score in a variety of ways, gets to his spots, and creates off the bounce.

All three were able to thrive in a variety of ways this weekend, and Ben L. Smith proved that they have talent to be found.

Here is what was said about each player:

2024 Gage Lattimore:

“6’2 2024 Gage Lattimore is a strong, physical guard. Uses his body well on drives. Shoots the ball really well from the perimeter off the catch or bounce. #PhenomTourneyTown”

“2024 Gage Lattimore has been able to not only knock down shots from the perimeter but also find ways to get to the free throw line consistently in this battle.  #PhenomTourneyTown #PhenomHoops”

2024 Jaylon Bumpass:

“6’2 ‘24 Jaylon Bumpass (Smith) is having an efficient showing. Long, athletic guard with the ability to rebound, attack the basket, and knock down jumpers. Picking his spots and not forcing the action. Should have more action within his recruitment #PhenomTourneyTown”

2025 Kenny Miller:

“2025 Kenny Miller is a long, skilled guard. Has a good feel / understanding of the game. Crafty playmaker. Has the ability to create for himself & teammates. Uses his length well defensively. #PhenomTourneyTown”

“6’5 ‘25 Kenny Miller (Smith) possesses a unique identity. Long, wiry guard with size and athleticism. Getting downhill and applying constant pressure towards the rim. Finishing or drawing fouls seemingly every time he attacks. Forces turnovers and rebounds well #PhenomTourneyTown”