Back in September (when he already held his current two offers from Campbell and Coastal Carolina), we said that Collin Tanner should be expected to become a priority for college coaches. Nearly three months later, nothing has changed. Tanner is still dominating on a nightly basis while shining as the clear leader for Wayne Country Day. Before looking at anything else, the appeal of a 6-foot-6 knockdown shooter should immediately attract dozens of Division I programs into making him a priority. Add in his IQ, athleticism, and excellent shot-creation skills, and it seems like there’s no fathomable way that Tanner is being this overlooked. Alas, one of the better junior prospects in North Carolina is legitimately standing with just a pair of offers.

Over the recent years, Wayne Country Day has maintained a reputation of being an extremely balanced machine with talent at every position. While they’ve kept the depth, it’s become increasingly difficult to justify taking the ball out of Tanner’s hands. He’s more than comfortable at operating as a primary ball-handler, showing useful playmaking ability while applying efficient scoring pressure from all three levels. Tanner possesses a beautiful jumper with deep range, a quick, fluid release point, and the necessary length to get it off clean in pretty much any scenario. He’s also a quality defender and rebounder with an understanding of how to block shots and pester opposing ball-handlers. 

Without mentioning schools by name, there are a lot of programs who should be embarrassed by dragging their feet with Tanner. Playing the waiting game for transfers has become the sexier option for many schools, but securing someone like Tanner for the next four years seems like the obvious choice. Again, kudos is deserved for both Campbell and Coastal Carolina offering during the summer. Everything will be fine, as Tanner is almost guaranteed to collect another dozen or so offers within the next calendar year.