Watch 2 minutes of 6’8/2020 Tyler Young play and you realize this prospect is built just a little different. Sure off the initial look test, you notice a burly, 250 pound player with great length, however, it is his ability around the basket that is just like no other on the floor with him.

Sure, he is built like an offensive guard. Raleigh native and Phenom Hoops alum Phillip Haynes was just drafted in the 4th round this weekend by the Seattle Seahawks, in looking at body types, there are a lot of similarities between Haynes and Young. However, in looking at each of them on the basketball court, there are a lot of similarities as well.

Young plays mean! Now let us explain that this is not a negative thing, as Young is a great individual. However, when you get him on the floor, he is relentless. He is going at your neck to gather every single loose ball available. This is a trait all the great rebounder have. NBA Hall of Famer famously said, “One time I had a coach ask me what is the secret to rebounding.” Barkley continued, “I told him there was no secret, just go get the damn ball.”

Young does an unbelievable job and going to get the ball. Sure, it helps that he is 6’8”, sure it helps that he has a great length in his arms, and sure it helps that he is a nimble 250 pounds. However, all of that helps … it is his willingness to “Go and get the damn ball” that makes him better than most at one of the most translatable skills from level to level.

While Young is an excellent rebounder (one of the best), he is also great at finishing around the basket. His hands are ridiculously strong, as well as so soft, like meat hooks that gobble up everything around him and do not let go. A unique, but great quality for a big. He has nimble feet around the rim and seems to finish (or go to the free throw line) on everything 10 feet and in. He strokes his free throws and has great hips and understanding of angles on the block. Just an overall problem, on both ends, around the basket.

This weekend, Young showcased every bit of this. With a wall full of college coaches, he averaged 18 points and over 15 rebounds per game. Yes, let’s pause here to let this sink in, Over FIFTEEN REBOUNDS PER GAME. He also picked up his first offer, UVA-Wise gave him a full scholarship. So now, Young is going to college for free, with no student loans. Now it is just a matter of where he goes, as it is inevitable, UVA-Wise will soon have A LOT of company.