Montrezl Harrell quoted over one of our tweets yesterday stating that Keishon Porter was a “DAWG”, and I am not sure there is a better way of stating this. Whenever Jimmy Butler was traded to Philadelphia, Stephen A. Smith stated, emphatically, that “The Sixers are getting a straight up dog!”

So in correlation, Butler plays with an intensity and a motor that shines bright. His competitive nature and his attention to doing the tough guy stuff, the stuff no one else likes to do, stands out. This was Porter, for the entire weekend, at Phenom’s Challenge LIVE.

College coaches were sitting along the baseline raving about Porter’s motor. Constantly stating that his defense, the passion with which he plays every possession, will translate immediately at the next level. But notice, it was not only his passion and motor, but it was his defensive acumen.

The defensive acumen is where we want to sit during this write-up. Porter has instincts, the type of instincts that impact, almost dominate a basketball game from beginning to end.

You will always hear me say it, and with good reason. Bill Russell also has said it (and Kyrie Irving’s character Uncle Drew made it famous), “this game is and always has been about getting buckets.” However, if a truly gifted defensive player comes along, and is able to consistently prevent buckets, that value is paramount, ref. Andre Roberson, Patrick Beverly, Bruce Bowen, etc…

6’5” 2020 Keishon Porter showed with Team Trezz this weekend he is truly gifted in preventing buckets. Porter is able to guard the 1-3 positions and able to switch down onto 4s. He is an excellent shot blocker and great in the passing lanes. In fact, he is one of those truly gifted guys who will average 1.5 steals and 1.5 blocks per game.

However, Porter’s true development has come on the offensive end. While he has always been a tough hard-nosed defender, his initiation skills have greatly improved. He has a nice handle in traffic and good court vision.

Also, it is said Porter is a good student!!! He is a natural leader, one the coaches love and one his teammates love. Immediate captain type material who teams instantly gravitate around with the entire trust of both the staff and players alike.

Yes, Porter opened coaches eyes this weekend. Yes, Porter is an instant impact defender on the defensive end. Yes, Porter has that toughness that will just intimidate and punk you as he keeps it coming for 40 minutes. Yes, Porter should go ahead and start racking up those D1 offers … He is a difference maker at the D1 level, both in his play and his mentality, some would even call him a “program changer”.