2020 6’9 Obinna Anochili-Killen (Chapmanville): What do you not like about Obinna!  His offensive game is tough to defend due to his mobility and ability to handle/put it on the floor.  He has good footwork and runs the floor really well, usually beating his opponents down the floor.  O the defensive end, Obinna has fantastic timing as a shot blocker, altering shots left and right with his athleticism and length.

2021 7’0 John Butler (Christ Church): Butler played well on Day 2 and was even more impressive against a tough matchup.  Butler’s ability to step out and be a threat from each level is big time but he did his work around the paint, rebounded well with his long arms, and was able to get to the free throw line. 

2022 6’3 MJ Collins (Northside Christian): When Northside is at full strength, Collins fills his role quite nicely.  But on Day 3 and with multiple injuries to his team, Collins took it upon himself to be the primary scorer and he showed his full arsenal.  Knocking down 6 3-pointers and getting to the line, he was aggressive all night long and finishing with 27 points.

2021 6’6 Ike Cornish (Legacy Early): Cornish has a nice blend of size and shooting stroke with his game. He has a fluid looking shooting stroke, especially when he squares up but he also can be a secondary ball handler and create for himself.  At times, Cornish displayed that he can get to the rim and finish with flash, as well as get on the boards. Promising wing prospect.

2021 5’10 AJ Thompson (Northwestern): To end the night on Day 3 at the Battle at the Rock, Thompson helped propel his team with quickness and shifty play.  He was attacking and scoring effectively, scoring 20 points and knocking down three 3-pointers.