Player: Austin Williford
Class: 2025
Height: 6’4
High School: St. Anne’s Belfield (VA)

Phenom Hoops traveled down to the Outer Banks earlier this year for a great event, and we had a chance to watch St. Anne’s-Belfield in action, a team that brought a ton of intriguing talent.  One player that really captured our eyes for the first time was 2025 Austin Williford, whom we had this to say about his game:

“This was our first viewing of Williford and we came away impressed with what we saw.  You could see that he understands the game well at his age, coming from a basketball background.  He has a great skill set and impacts the game in a variety of ways on both ends. Williford understands how to be the spotlight when needed but also doesn’t need to be the spotlight to be effective. He shot the ball well, scored off the bounce, got to the basket well, filled up the stat sheet, and made big plays in big moments.”

“Williford is another new name for us at Phenom Hoops, but he really captured our eyes with his play. He made impact plays all over the court, whether it was knocking down shots from multiple levels, showing his athleticism on the floor, filling up the stat sheet, or showing his IQ as a player.  He already holds an offer from Liberty but do believe more offers will be coming his way.”

If you haven’t heard of the sophomore yet, Williford is one to get to know. He can be an absolute force on the court with his size, hurt you in so many ways, and has been around the game. The 6’4 prospect is the son of Virginia assistant coach Jason Williford, and one can see that he has a great understanding of the game.

We caught up with Williford to check in on the latest, and to learn more about his game.  See what he had to say.

Phenom: Was really impressed with your game when we watched you back in December. Wanted to ask you how the season has gone for you in your eyes and how you have grown as a player?
Williford: The season is going well for us. We’re on a 16-17 game win streak, something like that, and we’re undefeated in conference play heading into the playoffs. I have really started playing with more of an attacking mindset since the last time you saw me. Don’t let the game come to you. you attack the game kind of mindset.

Phenom: Great mindset. How do you like to attack and how would you best describe your game?
Williford: I just attack what the defense gives me. If they play off, I’m going to shoot it. If they try to get up on me, I’m going to attack the rim if they are playing me at an angle, I’m going to attack the high foot. My coach is always comparing me to SGA for OKC so I would describe my game as smooth but I also can get very explosive from time to time.

Phenom: What areas do you want to continue to improve in?
Williford: I still need to improve on having a more consistent jumper can’t be as streaky and I need to get my handles a little tighter.

Phenom: Coming from a basketball background, how has that helped you as a player and understand the game better?
Williford: I feel like me being around basketball for my whole life has really shown me how to play and what I can do and not do at the next level whatever that may be. It also showed me the work people have put in and the work I need to put in being at and watching college practices.

Phenom: How has your recruitment been going?
Williford: I have interest from VCU, Butler, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia. I was offered from Liberty not too long ago, but haven’t heard from any coaches too recently because me being a sophomore.

Phenom: What have you heard that coaches have liked about your game?
Williford: I’ve heard that they like my athleticism and my IQ. They also said they like how versatile I can be and the intensity I play on defense.

Phenom: Have you been able to make any visits? If so, what did you like?
Williford: Just Liberty. The visit was a really good experience. Went to their game and then went to the football game vs. Virginia Tech the next day after walking around the campus (which is beautiful). The staff and community around it were amazing; was like a family.