What is great about the NBA Top 100 camp is just a few miles down the road, Scout Focus has their camp of players and a few names are ones to watch down the road, including one of the best players in the 2023 class.  Here are names to keep an eye on that caught the eye of our Phenom Hoops staff.

2023 6’6 Elijah Fisher

This is the second time we have watched Fisher and if you don’t know this young man’s name yet, don’t worry, you will at some point.  Fisher is the real deal at such a young age.  He has all the tools that immediately catch your eye and think “Wow, this kid has a chance to be great.”  He has an incredible frame and strength, as he loves to play that bully ball and be physical with whoever he matches up with.   He can simply do it all and is only starting his story as a top-tier prospect.

2021 6’8 Rasoul Abakar

Abakar may be a name that is going under the radar right now but can be confident is a prospect that that will get some looks down the road.  He is fluid on the court, has the length and wingspan that makes him effective on the defensive end and to gain separation on the offensive in.  He should still work on his hands and getting stronger but he displayed the ability to finish, rim protect, and a little mid-range game as well.

2020 6’4 Sean Sims

Sims has been around the Phenom Hoops radar for quite some time and it started when he was young.  Now, he has filled out, strong, and looks like a player ready to prove himself; a man on a mission.  He did that at the event, displaying strong athleticism at the rim, defends, and plays downhill.  The explosion that he possesses automatically attracts you but there is so much to like about his game.  Underrated prospect for sure.

2021 6’2 Michael Gray

We liked what we saw from the strong but athletic guard.  He has strong scoring instincts and showcased his ability to push the ball and always have his head up.  He uses a crafty handle in his game, has the vision that coaches will like, and uses his size and strength to force the offense.

2021 6’6 Amarri Tice

This is a guy that needs more eyes on him.  He automatically looks the part when he steps on the floor but then was able to show that he belongs, with room to grow as well.  He has great size and versatility, used that to his advantage with a few fierce dunks but then was draining a few three’s with confidence.  Active prospect on the floor.

2023 6’6 Ethan DeLaurier

DeLaurier, the younger brother of Javin, is only scratching the surface and has a ton of room to grow.  But he is a name that you have to start watching.  Still a work in progress but has solid footwork, rebounds well, and the potential could be there as he continues to work on his overall game.  He still needs the offensive game to kick in but put him on your watch list.