Millbrook in State Championship or Bust Mode

Having seen them both in the past 5 days, Millbrook and North Meck should be considered the odds on favorites to meet in the 4A state championship game come March. With Millbrook having been in this event, let’s talk on them.

Their size is unmatched, but what makes it special is their size’s combination with the ability to move their feet on defense, its supreme run and jump explosion and its skill. Their starting lineup will be 6’6″ Nolan Dorsey, 6’6″ Jalen McCoy, 6’9″ Eric Van Der Heijden, 6’8″ Sam Hood, 6’8″ Will Felton (each of which has full scholarship offers). But then when you add 6’5″ shooter Parker Swisher, 6’4″ combo guard Adam Carey with 6’4″ John Eason, 6’1″ Silas Demery and the rest of the crew, you have a deep, long and athletic bench as well. 

This is a very unique team and they should be on a crash course to the finals.

Sam Perez has Taken a Major Step Forward

Coming up Perez was a pitcher, quarterback, and star basketball player. Well, he has since given up quarterback and focusing on being Middle Creek’s star basketball player while throwing 89mph on the mound. The 6’6″/6’7″ small forward has focused on basketball year-round for the first time, and he came into this event showing the dividends. 

Perez has great size but also has great mobility. He is very tough on the boards and also an athletic defender, both weak size and in the passing lanes. Offensively is where he really catches your eye, with his ability to put it on the floor, most from the mid-post in and shoot the leather off the ball out to 28 feet. There has always been a lot of potential here, but that potential is meeting production. It will be exciting to see which Division 1 schools start to come in hot for him. 

Bobby Pettiford and Kobe Jones Make for Ridiculous Excitement

When Pettiford turns on the gas, he can be a one-man press break. When you couple that with one of the most explosive leapers in North Carolina, that creates quite the show!. Pettiford and Jones brought the crowd to its feet multiple times throughout the day with their acrobatic finishes and jet-like speed getting up the floor. Look for this duo to make headlines all year long as they are very deep for a 2a school when you add in probable double-figure scorers in Micah Jones and Wy’kise Allen. 

South Granville is primed for another run, but make sure you make time to get out there and watch, it’ll be fast, and it’ll be explosive.