At Denmark-Olar high school in South Carolina lies a very intriguing talent in 2022 6’7 Zachary Davis.  A prospect that brings tremendous size and versatility to the floor and the proof is clear in what he has done for the Vikings. 

This season, he has averaged 15.5 points, 5.3 rebounds, 6.7 assists, 1.8 steals, and 2.7 blocks per game according to MaxPreps, which is why he looks to be a rising talent catching the eyes of a few college programs.  He held a few early offers but has now added a Division I offer from South Carolina State.  We spoke to him about the latest and learned a little more about the rising talent in South Carolina.

PHR: As a 6’7 prospect that operates in several areas, how would you break down your game on the floor?

Davis: Well, first I’m a pass-first guard.  I like to give my teammates the ball and let them score then that gives me a boost, so when I start scoring, it comes easy.  Being 6’7, you have people at your games in the stands saying “dunk on him” and all but that is not all what college coaches want to see, they want to see if you can control your team and I think I do a good job at that.

PHR: Being at that size, it certainly must have the eyes of coaches.  SC State is a great offer.  What were your thoughts when they offered you?

Davis: Yes sir, at first, I was like South Carolina State wants to offer me! I was shocked, my first D1 offer but I was happy to receive an offer from a school that is close to home but yes, I was super happy.

PHR: How did you hear about the offer and who has been in your main contact from the program?

Davis: They called my dad and I just was getting ready to leave the house to go to school to shoot around for the game and he said, “Hold up, someone wants to talk to you.” The head coach, Coach Garvin, has been my main contact.

PHR: Did they say anything about what they liked about your game or how you could fit?

Davis: No, but they said he heard a lot and had some people looking at me and said they liked my game.

PHR: Being close to home, that has to be exciting for you to earn that offer?

Davis: Yes sir, I remember going to the games in middle school with my friends and I always told them I’m going to get this offer and play college basketball at a high level.

PHR: Has any other schools been showing interest your way?

Davis: Mars Hill. Miles College just reached out to me. California University of Pennsylvania is getting in touch with me.

PHR: What have they been saying in general your way?

Davis: Just checking in on me and asking me what I’m looking for in a school and telling me to continue to work hard.

PHR: Recruitment seems to be going well, so a huge congrats.

Davis: Yes sir, I just been working on my game, trying to get better, and performing well on and off the court.