It is always fun coming across an unknown player. Especially for college coaches, it is a great feeling to find a player that is good enough, but you won’t have to fight for. Schools outside of the Carolinas region have enjoyed the fruits of recruiting the state of South Carolina recently because of this…South Carolina is a completely untapped state in terms of having immense basketball talent that goes under recruited year in and year out.

We cannot tell you the amount of times we hear college coaches ask us to please not tweet about or write about a kid, because they know every college program at every level follows our social media and reads our writings. It benefits these coaches to have this mid to high major prospects stay under the radar so they can snag them and take them to Manhattan, Kansas, Dayton, Ohio, or Murray, Kentucky.

So this article is for the schools all over, visit Hunter Kinard Tyler High School in Neeses, South Carolina. There is a 6’6” junior named Marlow Gilmore who will absolutely blow you away. Coming into the prestigious South Carolina top 80 exposure camp, Gilmore won the coveted Mr. Defense award. He also turned heads with his incredible leaping ability and explosively aggressive plays on both ends of the floor.

After his performance in the 2017 South Carolina Top 80 we wrote, “Continuing onto a player that turned heads with his strong defensive performances, Marlow Gilmore Jr. The Mr. Defense winner has unlimited upside and is the type of piece that every team needs in order to have true success. He’s long and fearless, which makes for a scary sight on the defensive end; he went after every single block, rebound, and loose ball available. Gilmore’s athleticism and length make him extremely versatile and able to defend at least three positions comfortably on defense—an extremely valuable skill. Offensively, he is a terrific cutter with a nonstop motor, always looking to get around the basket and snatch alley-oops or rebounds.”

So far this year, through 22 games played, the lefty Gilmore is putting up incredible stats across the board 20.5 points, 13.2 rebounds, 5.5 assists, and 3.7 blocks per game. You may ask how he is buried so far under the radar with these numbers, but then you see he is a 2-time 1st team All-Region, 2016-17 All State 1st Team, and 2016-17 All Area Player of the Year and it is even more questionable.

Currently, Gilmore carries an offer from South Carolina State and Coker College. He is currently ranked 14 in South Carolina’s 2019 rankings. Keep in mind South Carolina’s 2019 class is the deepest one they have had in 30+ years. With players all the way down to 25 getting recruited by Mid Major programs.

Expect mid to high majors to start checking in on Gilmore.