When it comes to Greg Jones, it is all about heart. His production is non-stop and it comes straight from a football player's strength and a motor that runs hot.

When it comes down to it, Jones may be positionless, however his production and his win totals far exceed any questions about his game. Jones has range that exceeds the 3-point line. He has soft touch in catch and shoot situations. On the block, he is a brute and able to combine strength, footwork, and hands to be a mismatch against bigger guys.

After his performance in the prestigious Virginia Top 80 last year, we wrote, 'Jones has a great attitude, he was always smiling and talking and he always had a crowd around him. In camp Jones showed the ability to make shots at multiple levels and battled for rebounds in and out of his area. Jones' Camp Coach Cade Lemcke stated, 'Greg was a pleasure to coach and his attitude and enthusiasm are contagious. I would like to see Greg master a couple mid post moves to make it easier for him to score in one on one situations.' Jones is a natural leader and very productive player.'

Even dating back as far as middle school, Jones has been coming to Phenom Camps. The theme has been the same for him each time…Tough, Strong, Great Attitude, Production…After his performance in the 2013 NC Junior Phenom we wrote, 'Jones is a tough and athletic player. Jones is strong and can do a lot of things around the basket. Needs to work on his outside game so you become more of a triple threat player. He is has an excellent attitude and great rebounder.'

Currently Jones carries offers from Richmond, Longwood, UNC Greensboro, and Hampton. He doesn't check traditional boxes that coaches like for positions, but what he does is produce against the highest level, time and time again. This one can play!