Atlanta Timberwolves

6'4 '19 Jon Morgan- This squad is incredibly exciting, especially when Morgan has the ball. He's an intriguing two-way prospect, given his athleticism and defensive versatility. Morgan hits jumpers at a solid rate, but is downright frustrating to defend inside the arc, where he seems to just levitate above opponents.


6'7 '19 Austin Sloan- The most unique prospect on this team is easily Sloan, who fits seamlessly as a modernized stretch-four with terrific athleticism. He's thin, but that doesn't stop him from destroying opponents on both sides of the ball. Sloan scores on three levels and is a constant threat to force turnovers.


6'1 '20 Jack Kostel- The lead guard was excellent all day on both sides of the ball; he's the youngest player on this team, yet displays the maturity of a savvy veteran, given the way he runs a team. Kostel is an efficient, do-it-all guard that should earn some quality looks from college coaches this week.


Hoop State Elite ' Rexrode

6'0 '20 Landon Sutton- The offensive play of Sutton was absolutely critical to Hoop State Elite's success today. He is such a smooth scorer, but his three-point shooting cannot be overstated, as he continues to somehow become more and more accurate from distance. Sutton looks comfortable playing either guard spot and making his presence felt.


6'9 '20 Josiah Shackleford- This contest should've provided a nice boost to Shackleford's recruitment, given his high level of play on both ends of the floor. He is a great athlete that wants to live above the rim whenever possible. This team will continue winning if he keeps rebounding 'and scoring like he showed today.


Upward Stars Upstate

6'1 '19 David Muncy- The lead guard for Upward is a familiar face at Summer Havoc, and this year has been no different. Offensively, he still applies pressure from all three levels and makes fairly smart decisions with the ball while generating shots for others on a consistent basis.


6'3 '19 Ta'Lon Cooper- In terms of upside, no player on this team is more intriguing than Cooper, who just played a vital role on back-to-back state championship runs for Dorman. He's a solid athlete with great length and strong scoring instincts. Cooper handles the ball well, even though he is likely to be slotted off-ball at the next level.


6'10 '19 Cooper Fowler- Big men are as essential as they've ever been, so Fowler will certainly make sense at the next level for the right program. Offensively, he still showcases an intriguing three-level scoring arsenal, but he can lack aggression at times. That being said, his upside is huge on both ends of the floor.


6'4 '19 Kamal Desor- The high-motor wing has done a solid job of improving his game over the last few years and now has asserted himself as a nice prospect. Desor is a quality athlete with excellent measurements and intangibles; his best basketball is almost certainly in the future.


Team Vision-NC

6'3 '19 Elijah Couples- This Team Vision squad plays hard and is always competitive, especially after the addition of Couples, who acts as another glue-guy. He prefers to spot-up from three or penetrate and finish through contact. Couples is way tougher than he looks and displays incredible effort on defense.


Team Loaded

6'1 '20 Daqon 'BoBo' Stewart- There isn't a guard in attendance that exerts more energy and effort than Stewart. He is exactly what this Loaded squad needs, given their plethora of high-level scorers and mismatch players. He's strong and knows how to overwhelm opponents on defense with his sheer strength. Stewart's stock should continue to rise throughout the summer.


6'9 '20 Omarion Jay- As stated last week, Jay has made excellent strides in terms of development, but he continues to show new wrinkles with each new viewing. Jay is so strong and plays with such intensity that it shouldn't be a surprise to see him bully opponents whenever he wants, especially on offense.


6'9 '20 Dean Reiber- Few big men are as skilled as Reiber, especially when you factor in his ability to score from everywhere on the floor. He is capable of anything on the offensive end, from post-ups to shots on all three levels.


Team Denver-NC

6'1 '19 Cody Cline- This squad saw a nice boost from Cline today, who is essentially the glue-guy of this team. He doesn't force anything on either end of the floor; he simply wants to play hard and knock down shots when necessary. His unselfish play on defense and the glass were integral to their win.


6'2 '19 Jackson Gabriel- The shooting display put on by Gabriel was simply terrific today. He set the nets ablaze from three-point territory, and shot it with varying degrees of difficulty. Few guys in the region are able to match his accuracy and efficiency from distance.


Hoop State Elite 2020

6'8 '20 Jefferson Boaz- One could argue that Boaz was the best prospect on the floor, and they wouldn't be incorrect. His skillset is incredibly polished and he simply plays the game unlike other big men. He is one of the only players here capable of snatching a rebound, pushing in transition, and making the correct read all in the same five-second sequence.


6'1 '20 Luke Stankavage- The most well-rounded guy on this team is Stankavage, given his continued emergence as a point guard. He has continually improved since coming to Phenom events and has a chance to be a special player at the next level, especially in the right situation.