WNC Warriors:

6'0 '23 Zack Meyers- The wing prospect possesses an abundance of two-way tools and utilizes them regularly. He's strong, active, and has quite a dynamic offensive skillset, able to reliably take over and burden the scoring load whenever needed. Meyers has an excellent feel for the game and understands how to get downhill and attack the rim, but is also capable of spotting-up along the perimeter.


Carolina Bad Boyz:

5'8 '23 Bryson Graves- The Carolina Bad Boyz' roster is absolutely littered with quality talent, but Graves really stood out during this contest. He played with relentlessness and fantastic activity on both sides of the ball. Graves looked to work the ball inside whenever possible, but also utilized his perimeter jumper decently well throughout this showing.


Team CLT:

5'9 '23 Trey Green- Through two days, no prospect has been more impressive than Green, a do-it-all guard with incredible poise and polish. He has no glaring weaknesses and it's evident on both sides of the ball, as no opponent has been able to bother or overwhelm him. Green possesses an unbelievable feel for the game and his teammates, as he's fully aware of where everybody is without ever needing to survey the court. He's also the best three-point shooter we've seen on display, without question.


6'2 '23 Deven Covington- Though he doesn't receive a ton of attention, Covington is one of the more valuable players to this tough Team Charlotte roster. He plays with a nonstop motor and is their main source of energy, especially on the glass. Covington does all the little things to help his team win, like boxing out on every possession, diving for loose balls, and contesting every interior shot attempt possible. Glue-guys like him will always be needed and sought out.


NC Hornets:

5'9 '23 Ollie Alford- The Hornets didn't have their best showing on Sunday afternoon, however, Alford was a bright spot for this group. He did just about everything, from scoring and creating to pursuing rebounds and pushing the break in transition. Alford plays with intelligence and unselfishness at all times. He has the chance to continue improving and become truly dominant.


Team Loaded:

6'3 '23 Bryce Cash- There's so much to like with Cash, who is already an extremely productive player that continues to trend upward. He's big, strong, and an incredibly fluid athlete for his size. Over the last few months, Cash has noticeably improved his handle while maintaining the same aggression and poise as a penetrator. He rebounds extremely well and causes an abundance of problems with his defensive versatility. Cash certainly possesses the tools to be successful at the next level, but folks should start buying stock now, as he could be exceptional going forward.


Team CP3:

5'11 '23 Jaylen Curry- The guard prospect has been one of the most intriguing prospects on display from either day of our Queen City MS Showcase. He possesses great physical tools at this level and can generate offense from anywhere on the court. Curry is very crafty, especially when getting downhill and attacking. He finishes so incredibly well around the basket, but is also capable of pulling-up or creating easy opportunities for others. Curry's feel for the game is pretty advanced, so he'll be one to monitor.


6'3 '23 Marcus Brown- In terms of long-term prospects, no player has been more intriguing than Brown. He's physically gifted and possesses phenomenal two-way versatility, which allows him to do a variety of different things for this team. Brown has a quality feel for the game, especially considering his fluidity as an all-around athlete. He's able to reliably rebound the ball and then push the break in transition, which typically leads to easy buckets. Brown could seriously end being the best player from this team in the future.


Carolina Bad Boyz:

6'3 '23 Merel Burgess- The fundamentally-sound post prospect was phenomenal throughout this contest, outworking opponents in the paint on both sides of the ball. Burgess scored virtually every time he touched the ball and utilized both hands quite frequently around the basket. He has great size and a quality frame for his age, which is a big part of what makes him so imposing. Burgess rebounds well, plays with a consistent motor, and has a great feel for his skillset.


6'6 '23 Matthew Warren- The other big man on this team is Warren, who does a great job of embracing his role. He's a nice rim runner with quality size for his age. Warren plays with a nice motor and should become more physically imposing upon adding more strength.


Next Level:

5'4 '23 Travelle Bryson- Though somewhat small, Bryson was one of the more capable contributors for this Next Level squad. He knocked down numerous shots from beyond the arc and showed his value as a spot-up guy. Bryson handles the ball effectively and showed the ability to generate space through use of his dribble.


Team CLT:

6'0 '23 Jermaine Gray- The undersized big man was among the most productive all-around players in the gym today. He rebounds extremely well and can score in a variety of different ways on offense. Gray is somewhat reminiscent of a younger Gerale Gates, given the way he plays and fights on every possession. The post prospect has a chance to continue being the most productive player on the floor at the high school level.


Team CP3:

5'10 '23 Aden Holloway- The lead guard probably had the biggest national reputation of any player on display this weekend. He is an excellent shooter with extremely fluid shot mechanics and has the ability to effectively run an offense. Holloway has nice size and feel for his position, which allows him to enter the paint and accumulate assists at a pretty strong rate. There's a lot to like with his smooth skillset and it'll be quite interesting to see how he develops in high school.


5'10 '23 Xavier Matthews- The guard prospect has a really well-rounded skillset and no glaring weaknesses. He has a lethal pull-up midrange jumper that he's able to go to at any given time. Matthews possesses nice strength and a quality feel for the game, which helps him make an abundance of plays on defense.