#1-Ava Webb- Small point guard prospect with a fundamentally-sound approach to both sides of the game. She communicates well and scores extremely well below the free-throw line.


#5-Breonna Roaf- Vocal point guard prospect with nice quickness and leadership qualities. Roaf attacks defenders well and is able to beat most opponents off the dribble.


#6-Maria Savvun- Solid game manager with great passing instincts and the ability to operate with or without the ball. She knows how to create for others and worked hard on defense.


#11-Vega Deyton- Well-rounded guard prospect with nice shooting and passing ability; she hustles hard on both ends of the floor and does a great job within her role. Deyton plays with a strong motor and moves well without the ball.


#24-Ashley Woodfin- Smooth-shooting guard prospect with nice ball-handling skills and spot-up ability. She moves very well without the ball and generates offense with relative ease, allowing her to confine to various different roles.


#33-Montasia Jones- Strong-bodied wing prospect with a pretty well-rounded skillset and great potential. She's the glue that keeps a team together, filling in the gaps and providing excellent effort on both ends of the floor.


#38-Joelle Davis- Long, physically-advanced eighth-grader with a strong feel for the game and the ability to destroy teams from beyond the arc. Davis has great versatility and knows how to properly utilize it. She possesses a lot of useful tools and should grow into a really nice prospect.


#44-Dai'Ja Robinson- Nice all-around wing prospect with a strong motor and nice size, allowing her to battle with most opponents and dictate the action. She's fairly young and should continue improving on both sides of the ball.


#47-Mya Lewis- Tough forward prospect with intriguing two-way ability; she does a great job of outworking her assignment for rebounds and second-chance opportunities. She willingly hustled and made plays for others whenever possible.


#48-Jadyn Newsome- Skilled forward prospect with impressive IQ and versatility, especially for an eighth-grader. She scores on all three levels, passes purposefully, and knows how to affect every facet of the game.


#53-Keonna Bryant- Strong, versatile lefty forward with great inside-out presence, able to take opponents off the dribble, create for the team, and rebound on both ends of the floor. Bryant has a lot of unique tools and should become an excellent prospect.


#56-Abbie Byrd- Skilled face-up post player with nice size and shooting touch from all three levels. Byrd affects a lot of shot attempts around the rim and rebounds well with both hands. She displays nice feel for the game and could be a unique, versatile two-way prospect.


#57-Crawford Ramsey- Long, intriguing post prospect with potential as a three-level scorer. She moves really well around the court and has nice two-way tendencies. Her instincts are terrific and she'll be a special prospect with added strength.


#60-Me-Li Jackson- Strong-bodied post player with nice communication skills and a great nose for pursuing rebounds on both ends of the floor. Jackson runs the court nicely and fights hard for extra possessions.