#41- 6’2 ’20 Lee Langstaff- The guard prospect was among the most efficient scorers in the building. He offered an excellent scoring balance between all three levels, but also displayed strong vision and a willingness to make plays for others. Langstaff defends with purpose and forced numerous turnovers throughout the day.


#48- 6’3 ’21 Caden Davis- The strong-bodied wing prospect has the ability to affect all facets of the game and did a great job of stretching out the defense. Davis scored the ball efficiently and contained his assignment extremely well on defense. He should be a prospect to watch progress going forward.


#62- 6’4 ’21 Kamell Smith- The athletic wing prospect showed some flashes of dominance today and could develop into a very intriguing two-way threat. He has a nice burst of explosion when attacking the rim and is capable of generating shots for himself on a regular basis. Smith has clear long-term potential and his best basketball should be ahead of him.


#73- 6’6 ’21 Anthony Sellars- This young man has a lot of natural talent and physical gifts, but likely has more room to grow. He scored the ball with phenomenal poise and consistently created opportunities for himself and others. Sellars has great length and utilizes it well to finish through contact or above the rim.