#1-Zehern Hilton- Young point guard prospect that can succeed with or without the ball, given his ability to effectively pass and shoot the ball. Hilton has decent quickness and ball-handling ability.


#6-London Johnson- Young guard prospect with natural ability on the basketball court; he shoots the ball very well from the floor and has an innate playmaking sense. Johnson moves purposefully without the ball and possesses a lot of two-way upside.


#32-Hamilton Campbell- Extremely savvy, poised point guard prospect with unbelievable vision and the ability to make any pass he desires. Campbell scores whenever necessary, but always seems to find an open/cutting teammate no matter what. He’s as smart and crafty as they come.


#35-Williams Chavis- Strong-bodied guard prospect that does a great job of filling in the gaps on both ends of the floor. He attacks the rim, finishes incredibly well around the basket, and displayed nice passing instincts in traffic.


#36-Shykel Brown- Sharp, quick, playmaking point guard with an intriguing skillset, given his scoring and high-level vision. Brown manipulates opposing defenses with ease and regularity. He’s extremely smart and plays at a very calm pace.


#43-Jake Kawalec- Well-rounded guard prospect with a great feel for the game; he consistently makes intelligent decisions with the ball in his hands and is capable of knocking down the open shot or finishing strong through contact.


#49-Spencer Pope- Knockdown shooter with an unorthodox form, but understands how to dominate opponents from beyond the arc. Pope is an excellent spot-up threat that moves very well without the ball.


#51-Javeon Jones- Well-rounded wing prospect with a great motor and team-first approach to the game. He’s a reliable defender, ball-handler, and scorer inside the arc, allowing him to constantly affect action on both ends of the court.


#60-Lawrence Thomas- Tough two-way guard prospect that can generate offense in an instant, both for himself and others; he has a long, wiry frame and utilizes it to finish strong around the basket. Thomas has a massive amount of upside, but already produces at an excellent rate.


#83-Jacob Morgan- After a strong showing last week, Morgan continues to make an excellent impact as a three-level scorer. He can create offense for himself, others, and operates well within the team concept. He’s just beginning to add strength and should continue gradually improving.


#97-Julian Savoury- Long, wiry big man with athleticism and obvious long-term upside on both ends of the floor. He does a nice job of altering shots and utilizing his length to finish around the basket while running the floor hard.


#98-Nick Farrar- Arguably the most versatile two-way prospect here, given his strong, thick frame and ability to consistently utilize it. He scores efficiently on all three levels and can create offense for himself off the bounce. Farrar rebounds well on both ends of the floor and has upside as a strong defender.


#102-Sean Hauser Jr.- Skilled face-up big man with an excellent touch around the basket and an impressive feel for the game. He rebounds very well and plays with incredible patience and discipline.