6’6 ’20 John Hadock Rogers (TL Hanna)

There have been a lot of quality performers in the second half of the day, but Rogers was arguably the most impressive. He’s a strong-bodied big man with an exceptional amount of skill for his size/position. Rogers scored effortlessly from inside the paint and knocked down numerous three-pointers (multiple in succession). He moves pretty well laterally and understands how to utilize his frame to block/alter shots on defense.


6’0 ’21 James Lovern (TL Hanna)

This TL Hanna squad can really hurt opponents in a variety of ways, but Lovern was arguably their most reliable all-around performer during this contest. He’s a smart, two-way point guard whose primary focus is making quality decisions and setting up his teammates. However, Lovern is also a very capable three-level scorer that can create space with relative ease. He’s likely been the most poised and efficient floor general in attendance.


6’6 ’20 Jack Graham (Marvin Ridge)

The Marvin Ridge Mavericks have a ton of size on their roster and Graham could be the most productive of the group. He’s a sturdy big man that effectively stretches the floor and can knock down shots from beyond the arc. Graham looks to let it fly whenever possible and proved to be a solid pick-and-pop option throughout this contest.


6’4 ’20 D’Avila Rosebor (Mountain Island Day)

The long, athletic forward prospect showcased a pretty strong amount of skill and polish during their final contest of the day. Rosebor is fairly versatile and highlights his solid array of ball skills quite often, especially in transition. He scored effectively from inside the arc and looked to finish through contact whenever he drove.


6’1 ’21 Caleb Houston (Northwood Academy)

The Northwood Academy team has been among the grittiest squads on display at Phenom Team Camp, and Houston has been their unquestioned leader throughout the day. He’s a polished combo-guard that can really control the offensive action with his ability to score from all three levels. Houston sees the floor well and is a smart creator.


6’5 ’21 CJ Smith (Calvary Day)

The long, strong, athletic forward prospect operated in a variety of different roles for this Calvary Day team, from their primary interior presence to an offensive initiator, and made a continuous stream of positive plays. He scored the ball effectively from anywhere inside the arc and was the most consistent two-way rebounder on this team.


6’3 ’21 Janyle Pittman (Lancaster)

The strong, athletic wing/forward was arguably the best glue-guy in attendance at Phenom Team Camp. Pittman simply exudes productivity on both ends of the floor, scoring, rebounding, and making a ton of positive plays defensively. He plays with a tremendous motor and just naturally makes plays for the team.


6’3 ’22 Ian Kramer (Lancers)

The wiry, skilled forward was one of the most intriguing prospects on this roster, especially for his age and position. Kramer assumed some ball-handling duties and showed the ability to create effectively within two to three dribbles. He scored the ball in a variety of different ways and utilized his length well on defense.