5’8 ’19 DJ Thomas (NC Red Storm)

Through eight games, no player has scored the ball more consistently than Thomas, who seems able to create a quality shot out of nothing upon every offensive touch. He’s undersized, but possesses blinding quickness, which allows him to get by opponents and make countless plays from within the paint. Thomas is an excellent three-level scorer with vision and playmaking capabilities.


6’3 ’20 Jaden Scriven (Team Wall SE)

The strong, athletic power-wing continues to stand out as one of the most productive all-around performers for this team. His energy and activity level allow him to secure rebounds, second-chance points, and outwork his assignment, on both ends, on a regular basis. Scriven knows how to leave it all on the floor and is capable of playing well above the rim basically whenever he wants.


6’7 ’21 Tre’Lin Harper (Team Vision)

The strong-bodied big man is a prospect that college coaches should definitely appeal to college coaches. Harper is pretty mobile for his size, displaying the proper blend of strength and positioning. He knows how to bully opponents when slotted around the basket, but typically scores majority of his points within the flow of the offense.


5’10 ’19 David Murphy (NC Empire)

Though slightly undersized, Murphy has proven his college-level ability time and again throughout this summer season. He’s an absolute bucket-getter that possesses the necessary craftiness to reliably create for himself or others in a pinch. Murphy has a very quick first step and utilizes it well to touch the paint. He’s unsigned, but has all the tools to be successful at the next level.


5’10 ’20 Khalid Hinds (Greensboro Warriors)
Despite being overlooked by most, Hinds plays an incredibly vital role for every team he’s on. He’s a tone-setter on both ends. Offensively, Hinds shows great patience, playmaking ability, and the understanding of how to work within the team concept. On the other end, his downright aggression and relentless play is what makes him a pest for the opposition to deal with.


6’0 ’20 Isaac Spainhour (NC Spartans)

There’s a lot to like with this NC Spartans team, especially with the smooth, steady play of Spainhour. He’s a well-rounded guard prospect that isn’t going to do anything outside of his comfort zone on either end of the floor. Spainhour typically works without the ball and poses a major spot-up threat from beyond the arc, forcing defenses to respect him at all times. He makes smart decisions with the ball in his hands and is capable of creating for himself within one to two dribbles.


6’3 ’21 Jacob Hukins (Team Trezz)

The Team Trezz organization has a lot of exciting pieces, especially given the newness of their program. In many ways, Hukins could be the best long-term prospect within their high school age groups. He’s an extremely balanced guard that knows how to be a leader while controlling the action and setting the floor for his teammates. Hukins can score efficiently from all three levels while also placing quality emphasis on defense, rebounding, and game management.


6’1 ’20 Jaden Hester (Carolina Knights)

The sharp, quick-twitch guard prospect showcased a pretty solid all-around approach during this contest. Hester handles the ball, creates for himself or others, and simply thrives in the open floor—where he’s typically faster than everyone else on the court. He has a lot of talent and competes hard on both ends of the floor.