#28- Kai Davis- The long, athletic wing/forward prospect simply caused havoc with his nonstop two-way motor. Davis has arguably been the top defensive player in attendance, given the way he contains his assignment, forces turnovers, and pushes the break with relative ease. He pursues rebounds well and possesses nice ball skills for his size.


#25- Christian Coles- The strong-bodied guard was certainly among the most intriguing prospects on display, given his blend of size and skill. Coles can handle the ball, make plays in the open floor, and rebound quite well for his position.


#19- Trey Manhertz- Few prospects in attendance possess the natural long-term upside of Manhertz, who is long, active, and truly just beginning to scratch the surface of his abilities. He utilizes the length well around the basket on both ends of the floor but will only continue to get better with physical maturation and additional repetitions.


#23- Trevor Manhertz- There’s already a lot to like with Manhertz, who displays a strong two-way feel and well-rounded skillset. He attacks the basket with regularity but also knocks down jumpers and creates for others at a reliable rate. Manhertz simply exudes confidence and productivity, but goes about his business in a very calm, intelligent manner.


#20- CP Perry- The leadership and complementary skillset of Perry stood out nicely throughout the day. He’s at his best when operating as a spot-up threat and applying pressure as a cutter and shooter from beyond the arc. However, Perry also showed the ability to put the ball on the floor, make plays for others, and defend with great purpose.