PSB Raleigh Hamilton

5’11 ’23 David Tator- This PSB team looked to be at their best whenever Tator was in control and handling the ball. He’s a well-rounded guard with a useful handle, vision, and the ability to shoot fairly effectively from the perimeter, which allows him to play either guard position with relative ease. Tator will be one to watch grow, especially given his current foundation.


Team Loaded 704

6’0 ’23 Darius Abraham- It would be difficult to find many performers more impressive than Abraham, who has been the most polished scorer on display. He was able to apply efficient scoring pressure from all three levels while constantly attacking the rim in transition. Abraham is a smart, active two-way player with excellent leadership qualities and no glaring weaknesses.


6’4 ’23 Jordan McElldry- The long, wiry forward prospect has a chance to become a special type of talent. He’s brimming with upside and already possesses a long list of tools, both in terms of skill and physique. McElldry is quite versatile for his size, showing his ability to shoot, put the ball on the floor, and make intelligent passes to open/cutting teammates. It’s very early, but college coaches should have these guys on their radar.


Carolina Pressure

5’10 ’24 Dwayne Mazyck- The strong-bodied wing prospect did so many things well during this contest, handling the ball, fighting for rebounds, pushing the break in transition, and creating for himself and others with regularity. Mazyck is very versatile at this stage in his development and is capable of switching between all positions on defense due to his great frame.


5’1 ’24 Jordan Barr- The well-rounded point guard prospect did a nice job of running the show throughout this contest. He set up the offense well and knows how to move without the ball to set himself up for cuts and spot-up chances. Barr sees the floor well and positions himself properly on defense at the point of attack.


Team FLY

6’3 ’19 EJ Clark- The unsigned senior was incredibly productive today, especially on offense, where he was able to apply quality inside-out scoring pressure from start to finish. Clark was the most reliable from beyond the arc, where he was seemingly ready to let it fly at any given moment. He easily led the team in scoring and was their most polished offensive threat.


Team Synergy

6’3 ’21 Shawn Wilson- The all-around point guard prospect was very effective on both ends of the floor and was arguably the main leader of this Team Synergy squad. He consistently set the floor, made heady decisions, and scored as needed. Wilson has a great frame and utilizes it well on both ends of the floor to play physical and absorb contact. He has definite college-level ability and should become increasingly coveted over the next year or so.