6’5 ’20 Jordan Williams (Greensboro Warriors)

Another game, another productive outing for Williams, who has been a clear college-level prospect all spring long. He works extremely well within the team concept, rarely forcing the action and always looking to make the best possible play. Williams is a great glue-guy that naturally affects all facets of the game. When he’s shooting the ball efficiently, Williams is usually one of the top players on the floor.

6’2 ’21 Trae Benham (PSB)

Few players in attendance have the shooting ability to match Benham, and it showed today. He was easily among the top two or three shooters on display, given his range, consistency, and ability to heat up quickly. Benham is strong, tough, and shoots the ball at a high clip off the catch or bounce. He also has a quality feel for the game and understands how to create quite well in the half-court.

6’9 ’23 Jordan Butler (Team United)

Though still very young and brimming with upside, there’s already so much to like about Butler and his ability on the court. He displayed touch, useful ball-handling, and an intriguing array of perimeter skills—especially for his size. Butler is truly just beginning to scratch the surface of his long-term upside and should continue taking gradual steps towards his incredible ceiling.

6’0 ’20 Myles Tate (Upward Stars)

As impressive as this Upward Stars team was top-to-bottom, Tate was arguably their top performer on the day. He’s such an electric lead guard that just exudes leadership in basically every possible way. Tate is smart, sharp, quick, and able to generate a quality shot out of little to nothing, both for himself or others. He’s a phenomenal competitor, especially on defense, and has the ability to really bother his assignment through precise on-ball positioning. It’s not surprising that Tate has collected so many high-level offers, especially if this is how he consistently performs with this group.

6’3 ’20 Tristan Maxwell (Team Charlotte)

There were a lot of incredible performances throughout day one of Phenom Champion Showcase, but Maxwell’s has to be mentioned with the best of them. He never wavers in his approach: get buckets and out-tough the opposition. Maxwell creates and scores the ball at such an elite level, it’s almost unfair for opponents to try and contain him. He has a very unique blend between smoothness and ruggedness, which is part of what makes him such a special prospect.

6’0 ’22 Jamori McDougald (Team Loaded)

In terms of lead guards, McDougald is certainly going to be one for coaches to track over the next three years. He’s heady with the ball in his hands, balancing patience and attack-mode quite well. McDougald is smart and crafty, which allow him to frequently enter the paint and make plays for himself or others. He shot the ball extremely well from beyond the arc and was a threat to score upon crossing half-court.