#60- Zane Caudle- Smart point guard prospect with slight frame but sharp understanding of how to run a team. He doesn’t force the action on offense and displays great passing vision in tight spaces.


#72- Casian Richard- Playmaking point guard with nice vision and craftiness; he has a tight handle and knows how to make plays. He’ll be even more dynamic as he continues to grow and gain playing experience.


#121- Chandler Speight- Solid all-around point guard prospect with a smooth handle on the ball and quality passing vision. He shot the ball well throughout the day and does a nice job of mixing it up on offense.


#132- Mi’keim Moore- Scrappy, high-motor guard with great athleticism and a strong frame. He really exposes opponents in transition and attacked the basket quite well throughout the day.


#148- Jalen Lynch- Athletic guard prospect with great quickness and nice ball-handling ability; he plays extremely hard and has a great burst in transition. Lynch made a noticeable impact on defense and forced numerous turnovers on the day.


#183- Carson Lomax- High-motor wing prospect with an unselfish, team-first approach to both sides of the ball. He shot the ball well, filled the lane whenever possible, and finished strong around the basket throughout the day. Lomax has a solid overall feel for the game.


#185- DeVante Patterson- Fairly well-rounded guard prospect with nice blend of skill and athleticism; he makes solid reads with the ball and knows how to create well off the dribble. Patterson does a good job of staying active from start to finish.


#204- Martin Vukotic- Sneaky-athletic wing prospect with a great motor and unselfish approach to the game. He is constantly looking to make a hustle play and secure second-chance opportunities, regardless of opponent.


#222- Devin McLaughlin- Fundamentally-sound forward prospect with excellent shooting ability, especially from beyond the arc. He plays well within his skillset and understands how to play his role on both sides of the ball.


#223- Ethan Young- Well-rounded big man with blossoming skillset on both ends of the floor; he plays within himself and tries to make as many hustle plays as possible. Young pursues rebounds and does a nice job of focusing on the little things.