#82- AJ Cook- Though somewhat unassuming, Cook has easily been one of the most memorable performers from camp. He’s smart, crafty, and an incredibly smooth three-level scorer with a knockdown jumper from beyond the arc. Cook handles and distributes the ball very well, but is arguably even better as a scoring threat. He also gives great effort on defense and the glass.


#115- Noah Hooper- Every team needs a guy like Hooper, someone who is willing and ready to do whatever necessary to provide his team with an edge. He is a rare commodity given the amount of charges he takes and amount of effort he offers to non-scoring areas. Hooper should have college coaches interested, as he simply knows how to win basketball games.


#121- Walter Ghaffar- The long, wiry wing prospect showcased a fairly strong all-around skillset during camp. He handles, creates, and scores with consistency while also fighting extremely hard for every available rebound. Ghaffar offers a very useful two-way presence and knows how to work with or without the ball.


#122- Ryan Roberts- There’s already so much to like with Roberts, who has continued to round out his skillset over the last few years. He’s a crafty scorer and playmaker with nice positional size and phenomenal vision. Roberts is a knockdown shooter but has shown his ability to mix it up and operate as the primary creator quite seamlessly.


#123- Jakwon McKnight- Potentially the most enticing long-term prospect in attendance, McKnight has shown high-level flashes throughout camp. He’s long, wiry, and versatile on both ends of the floor, which makes him an absolute matchup problem at this level. McKnight has all the tools to become a quality Division I prospect.


#130- Nolan Hodge- The appeal should be fairly obvious with Hodge, who is still just beginning to scratch the surface of his long-term abilities. He’s built his foundation as a silky-smooth floor general and perimeter shooter, but has grown and expanded his skillset very nicely over time. Hodge is going to be a prospect to watch closely going forward.


#135- Jacob Morgan- The long, wiry wing/forward prospect continues to be a prolific three-level scorer but has added even more athleticism as a leaper. Morgan handles and passes the ball effectively, showing his ability to work as a primary creator or spot-up threat alongside the perimeter. He works hard on defense and consistently fights for rebounds on both ends of the floor.