6’4 ’20 Kalib Matthews (Henderson Collegiate)

This entire Henderson Collegiate team is worth noting and writing about, but Matthews was simply too spectacular to not acknowledge. His consistency never seems to waver, regardless of score, opponent, or setting, and approaches the game with a calm, yet intense, demeanor. Matthews can fill it up in a hurry from beyond the arc or through constantly attacking the basket, whichever he prefers. He makes a ton of plays defensively and understands how to properly contest without fouling, both as a closeout guy and rim-protector. Offers should come piling in for this young man over the next few weeks.


5’10 ’21 Mannie Supulveda (Northwood Temple)

There’s a lot to like with Northwood Temple, especially given the noticeable improvement with Supulveda. He’s a terrific game manager that knows how to get his teammates involved and score as needed. Supulveda shoots pretty well from the perimeter, which allows him to play alongside another ball-handler and apply pressure as a spot-up threat. He could be a serious x-factor for this team going forward.


6’2 ’22 Tyler Gettings (Hopewell)

This Hopewell team is very young, which means that Gettings could be a nice building block for the program. He’s a long, wiry guard prospect that defends with purpose and thrives in transition, where he’s able to attack the basket and finish through contact. Gettings displays a strong motor and a pretty solid feel for the game, especially given his age. He had a productive showing on Sunday and could be one to watch develop.


6’1 ’20 Matt Davies (Central Cabarrus)

Though undersized, the high-motor forward was arguably the most reliable player for Central Cabarrus during this showing. He defends, rebounds, and does a great job of outworking bigger/stronger opponents for loose balls/extra possessions. Davies doesn’t force the action and scores and passes the ball effectively from inside the arc. His willingness to make the hustle plays put his team firmly in a position to win.


6’3 ’21 Christian Cornish (Central Cabarrus)

There’s a lot to like with Central Cabarrus, especially when Cornish is on the floor. He’s a big, strong-bodied wing prospect with IQ, skill, athleticism, and an incredibly muscular frame, which allows him to play physically and finish through contact quite well. Cornish displays great mechanics and shoots the ball extremely well from the perimeter, which makes him a very difficult assignment for all types of opponents. He’s a college-level player that should pick up traction as the upcoming season carries onward.