5’8 ’20 Shakeem White (Carolina Dream Team)

No player has shot the ball better than White, who was absolutely unstoppable from beyond the arc during this contest. He’s slightly undersized, but sets up and moves so well without the ball for easy spot-up opportunities. That being said, White was also able to create for himself off the bounce and displayed the ability to make the right read when looking to pass.


6’6 ’21 Owen Gulledge (PSB Robinson)

The wiry forward prospect highlighted a lot of useful skills during this contest. He’s an inside-out threat with a nice handle, especially for his size, and is capable of creating for himself off the bounce. Gulledge rebounds and makes smart passes, which makes him a nice matchup problem at the high school level.


6’2 ’20 Lee Langstaff (Team Swish)

The sharp, quick-twitch guard continues to be among the more impressive two-way scoring guards over this summer season. He’s very smart and reads the floor very well, which highlights his blend of vision and three-level scoring ability. Langstaff should begin collecting scholarship offers sooner than later, as he is certainly equipped to play at the next level.


6’0 ’20 Emmanuel Hughes (Upward Stars Columbia)

The long, rangy guard was a vital part of his team’s success today. Hughes was a primary ball-handler and creator, showing the ability to consistently set the floor for his team while also applying nice scoring pressure. He displays a quality feel for the game and looked exceptional when getting out in the open floor.


6’3 ’21 Knoah Carver (Full Court)

The combo-guard has been playing up a level this week and has still shown constant flashes of dominance. He’s quite crafty with the ball in his hands and is able to create easy scoring opportunities out of little to nothing. Carver is an efficient three-level scorer with IQ and strong defensive instincts.


6’5 ’22 Wesley Tubbs (Charlotte Supreme)

No player displayed a more impressive blend of productivity and long-term upside than Tubbs, a walking mismatch—given his feel, perimeter skills, and appealing athleticism. He’s quite skilled and crafty, especially for how explosive he is with the ball in his hands. Tubbs has a nice two-way presence and is capable of overwhelming his matchup in a variety of different ways.


6’4 ’20 Nick Ford (Carolina Dream Team)

While White probably had their most memorable performance, Ford was easily the most reliable all-around performer on this team. He simply does it all, handling the ball, creating for himself and others, leading the team in rebounding, and scoring efficiently from all levels. Ford has a strong frame and is quite versatile for his size. He has a quality feel and should definitely end up at the next level.