The Phenom Rise Showcase was a tremendous event that gave Phenom Hoops an opportunity to watch several teams in action. And one team that we were eager to watch was Mid-State Magic, as they continue to be a program that provides next-level talent and one that college coaches should be looking at. We dive a bit more into what we saw, as this is a team to check out all summer long with Phenom Hoops.

2025 Javier Tinnin
2025 TyShaun Goldston
2027 Manny Vanhook
2025 Joel Deigna
2024 Greyson Gadsden
2025 Josiah Love
2024 Taky Prosper
2024 Kotchi Wilfried
2027 JD Dongrin

When you start with this team, you have to look at 2025 Tyshaun Goldston. He is one that we have talked about quite a bit and continues to impress with his overall scoring capabilities, his athleticism, his size, and his physicality. The dual-sport athlete can fill it up offensively and impact the game in a variety of ways; on the boards, defensively, and playing multiple positions.  He is one that college coaches should look at more.

2025 Joel Deigna is a newer name, but we have had a chance to check him out in our last two events. He brings a physical feel and is strong but has been really able to flourish with his ability to attack and get inside the defense, as well as his athleticism in finishing at the rim. 2024 Taky Prosper and 2024 Kotchi Wilfried are two that can be a force. Strong, physical forwards that bring immediate production. Prosper is relentless with his energy and motor, and he has only continued to add more to his game. Wilfried has a college-ready frame that can’t help but notice and can be a strong presence that battles down low in the post and in the paint on both ends.

2025 Josiah Love plays with a ton of energy and is scrappy on both ends, talking the talk and looking to back it up with his play. Can help turn offense into defense and gets downhill at the basket. 2025 Javier Tinnin is another scrappy point guard that plays at a high level, can be a pest defensively, and plays with a ton of energy that can be contagious for his teammates. 2024 Greyson Gadsden is yet another playmaking guard that is able to play within his role but also be an effective option on the court on both ends. Lastly, you have two young prospects that should only continue to develop in 2027 Manny Vanhook and 2027 JD Dongrin.

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