This Saturday, Phenom Hoops is traveling to Charlotte, North Carolina for our Carmel Christian MLK Showcase, which features the most loaded four-game field in the state over this holiday weekend. There's a lot worth getting excited about here, as each game contains an abundance of interesting subplots and storylines. We'll focus on the battle between Davidson Day and Lincoln Charter for the entirety of this article, as it'll easily be worth the price of admission.


We have seen both of these teams at separate times throughout the current season and it's fair to say that this contest will be a bloodbath. Davidson Day is represented by Jackson Threadgill, CJ Huntley, and Bryce Alfino, which essentially provides them quality two-way pieces at each position. Threadgill and Huntley have both already established themselves as clear Division I prospects within the last calendar year. That being said, Alfino is arguably the most intriguing of this group, as his role continues to expand with each passing day. This team isn't even close to their long-term ceiling, which should be a scary thought for the opposition, especially given how well they've already performed this season.


Meanwhile, Lincoln Charter has enjoyed a lot of success in their first season without Kody Shubert (Presbyterian). They've always been a group that accepts their individualized roles and maximizes their overall ceiling from buying-in to the team concept. This year, Jackson Gabriel is leading them in scoring, but his assist average of 6.4 ranks twelfth in North Carolina'which is simply unbelievable for a guy labeled as a 'shooter.' Alongside Gabriel, Lavontae Knox is probably the most battle-tested guy on this roster and simply understands how to play a no-nonsense brand of basketball on both ends of the floor. Freshman Anthony Breland has already found a comfortable role within this team and is among their main contributors on a nightly basis. Additionally, guys like Alex Holm, Demitri McCall, and Troy Fulton also make a huge difference for Lincoln Charter, as they provide quality depth and allow this group to apply pressure from start to finish.