The spring/summer of 2020 has been nothing short of bizarre. A virus has halted all sports and any possible grassroots activity, but there is still plenty of movement happening across the landscape. Take two of the most recent coaching moves, Antonio Lowe returning to Winston-Salem after his dominant two seasons at Moravian Prep and Andre Gould moving to Quality Education after being the most successful coach in history at Winston-Salem Prep. Although there is mutual respect between these two coaches, one has to imagine the potential battles that could ensue with Quality Education and Winston-Salem Christian over the next few years. 

Since Gould just recently made the move to Quality Education, their roster is still far from complete. However, Lowe has already utilized his ample time to construct something potentially special. Keeping Amare Haynie and Jordan Wildy was a strong first step, but securing Daniel Nixon, Quante Berry, and Christian Cornish were moves to ensure that this group will compete on a national-level schedule. That being said, guys like James Gladden, Christian Foy, RaSean McMiller, Arrington Jones, Tavis Bridges, Aries Hull, Jarius Northam, and Jaydin Spillman-Martin will all compete for the remaining rotation spots. Within that group, they already have a slew of young, up-and-coming prospects worth noting. College coaches are already well aware of this team and their overall direction going forward, which is a big reason why numerous players have already begun collecting offers at their new program. Although Lowe has a slight head start, Gould is almost guaranteed to piece together a roster that could rival anyone in the state. Fortunately for spectators, it’s going to be a show.