Micah Hudnall             6'0       West Forsyth               2023

Micah is a pass-first point guard. He leads by example out on the court. Micah is the type of guard who would rather get everyone else involved instead of looking for his own shot. In addition, he has a high basketball IQ and normally tries to get the best shot for his team every time down the court. He is the type of guard a lot of players like playing with. 

James McCreary         6'0       North Surry                 2023

 James has the ability to create his own shot off the bounce. He has a beautiful shooting stroke and shoots the ball at a high release point. James was an All-Conference player at North Surry. 

Jahreece Lynch           6'3       North Surry                 2023

Jahreece is an extremely athletic guard. A two-sport athlete who plays both basketball and football. He competes on both sides of the ball. Jahreece has the ability to guard multiple players on the court. He does a good job finishing around the rim. 

Jordan Davis                6'1       East Surry                    2023    

Jordan has a high basketball IQ. He makes the right basketball play almost every time. He has a good first step and lures you to sleep with his dribble. He is a smooth player who made all-conference at East Surry this past year. 

Luke Brown                 6'4       East Surry                    2023

Luke is an extremely tough player. He has the ability to beat you from the inside and the perimeter. He has the ability to create for himself and others. 

Seth Reed                    6'2       Reynolds                     2023

Seth is a versatile player. He had a good high school year at Reynolds. He is someone that makes the players around him better. He is a good defender. 

Tristan Woodley         6'2       West Forsyth               2023

Tristan is the ultimate team player. He is the person that does all the dirty work that helps your team win. He doesn't care about any stat besides winning. Guards love playing with him because he sets great screens.  

Ethan Hoo                  5'6       WS Christian               2023

Ethan was a player who really stood out to me at practice. He is a quick, crafty guard who did a good job getting to the rim. He made some really good passes. Even though he is small, he plays a lot bigger than his size. 

Daniel Creech             6'1       East Surry                    2023

Daniel is a player that you can’t leave open. He has the ability to knock down open shots. The lefty is a smart player who has a high basketball IQ. 

Enzo Geremski            6'4       Forsyth Country Day   2023

Enzo is a skilled / versatile post player. He has good size. Will be a really good piece for the Winston Seventy Sixers. 

Zach Holloway            6'3       West Forsyth               2024    

Zach is expanding his game to the perimeter. He is best with his back to the basket. Also, he is a good shooter from the perimeter. I look forward to seeing him grow and develop his overall game. 

Camden Edmonds       6'3       West Stokes                2024

Camden is a 6'3 guard. He has good size for his position. He handles the ball well. Camden has a quick first step and uses it to his advantage. He has a high basketball IQ which allows him to elevate everyone else's game around him. Camden was All-District 1st team as a freshman.

Andreas Kazakos         5'8       FCDS                            2025

Andreas has a good feel for the game. Even though he is only an 8th grader he plays with a lot of confidence. He is a crafty playmaker with the ball in his hands. Andreas played JV basketball as an 8th grader. 

Malachi Knight            6'1       Thomasville                 2024

Long, lengthy wing. Has the ability to impact the game on both sides of the ball. Malachi does a good jo disrupting passing lanes. He plays with a high motor. He needs to become more consistent from the perimeter but can get hot in a hurry. 

Nate Williams             5'11     Ledford                       2024

Nate is the definition of someone who plays extremely hard. He isn't scared to give up his body to take charges, dive on the floor, and do the dirty work. He is athletic and does a good job defending multiple positions. 

Dameyon Gathings     6'0       Thomasville                 2024

Even though Dameyon is undersized for his position he is a Bulldog. He does a good job competing/defending in the post. He crashes the glass on every shot. Another player who does all the little things and dirty work. 

Jeffrey Ebert                5'6       West Forsyth               2024

Jeffrey is a quick guard who has good ball handling skills. He has a good outside shot. 

Sasha Geremski          5'10     FCDS                            2025

Sasha is a really good catch and sboot guy. He also is a really good handler and distributor. 

Cade Kidd                    5'11     North Iredell               2024

Cade is the type of player who can get it going in a hurry. He is a person that you can't leave open. He had a really good JV season at North Iredell. 

Ian Koontz                   6'3       Davie County              2024    

Ian is a bruiser on the glass. He does all the little things on the court. Not scared to battle and give up his body on the court. 

Coleman Lawhon 5'11 Davie County 2024

Coleman played on the JV team at Davie County. True PG. Coleman knows how to play the game. He is able to pick his spots out on the court. He is a really good distributor on the court. Coleman is a good shooter from the perimeter.  

Ethan Ratledge           6'1       Davie County               2024

Ethan played on the JV team at Davie County. He is good at finding space. Good cutter. He has good touch around the rim and in the midrange.