Player: Caleb Senyo
Class: 2023
Height: 6’1
AAU: NLPB 2023

Phenom Hoops Evaluation:

Starting things off, we look at a player that understands how to effectively run a team with poise and maturity, Caleb Senyo. He’s a smart, team-first guard with a strong motor, skillset, and balance between playmaking and three-level scoring. Coach Simmons on Senyo: “Caleb is a knockdown three-point assassin! If you give him space from deep, he is automatic. He ran the point very effectively and has great court vision. Caleb played against a lot of upperclassmen and had his way throughout the day. I was also quite impressed with his on-ball pressure. He downright irritated opposing ball-handlers. You can tell that this young man has had great coaching over the years. I believe he will gain a lot of attention from the Division I ranks over the next few years. He can be a reliable point guard or shooting guard, which ever is best for the team.” Senyo has continually expanded his game over the years and looks ready to emerge as a reliable contributor on the high school level as soon as this season.

Coach’s Thoughts:

Caleb Senyo can play 1 through 3 with the 4 inch growth spurt he had this past spring. He is a 6’1 point or shooting guard and at the three, faster than most defenders guarding him. Caleb’s ball handling keeps him a step above most on the court. His understanding and IQ on the court makes him a threat to any defense as he is a past first guard. Don’t let the “Pass first fool” you. Caleb can average 20+ a game with his high ability to score on all three levels. He can score the 3 with ease as he has one of the quickest and most consist 3pt shot in the 2023 class. Caleb’s transition game is almost 100% as he can score with contact on almost every transition play. His use of the left and right hand makes him a match up nightmare to any guard.

Being as shifty as he is, he usually takes the opposing team’s best defender. The largest plus for Caleb offensively is, he is not the player that has to find his stroke every game. His consistency makes him stand out more than anything. Caleb always knows what his team needs to win.

With Caleb being a high IQ guard, defense often comes easy to him. He is a strong guard that can handle any physicality and, can come up with multiple steals due to his understanding for what and where the passing lanes are. He is the first one to create a trap, steal the ball and look ahead for the transition past for a score. He has a very high motor and lateral movement can stay in front of 2023’s best guards.

Caleb’s voice is starting to be heard on the court inside of timeouts and half time. Him sharing his IQ amongst the team is invaluable.