This past weekend, Phenom Hoops had our annual David Rose Memorial Day Classic, an event that honors wounded veterans and supports the Wounded Warrior Project. Each year, some of the toughest teams from around region come together for this loaded event. This year’s field lived up to the event’s reputation and delivered some high-level competition. That being said, Team United was undoubtedly the best team in attendance and deserves appropriate recognition for their dominant showing. They were not featured in the “Bendel’s Best” article, because we wanted to highlight these guys separately…


The guard play of this team is a massive part of what makes this a special group, as they have a different look for virtually every lineup. 6’1 Destin Clark is arguably the most difficult assignment for opponents, considering his unbelievable strength and phenomenal array of guard skills. He handles and takes care of the ball as well as any floor general with the necessary vision to make extremely crafty passes on a regular basis. Clark is at his best in transition, as it properly showcases his blend of IQ, vision, and athleticism. Alongside Clark, 6’0 Trey Hubbard is the main glue-guy of this team, given the way he affects the action on both sides of the ball. He can assume ball-handling duties and can pass extremely well. Hubbard scores the ball efficiently from all levels and understands how to apply pressure within the flow of the offense. He rebounds very well for his size/position and consistently makes intelligent decisions with the ball in his hands.


Though both 6’0 Ced Patterson and 6’3 RJ Noorde can certainly play on the ball, they are typically featured as off-guards. Patterson is from the combo-guard mold and can shoot the ball incredibly well from the perimeter. He possesses a tight handle and is capable of creating for himself or others with relative ease. Meanwhile, Noorde is more of a slasher with his ability to attack the basket and finish through contact. He moves exceptionally well without the ball and scores quite often on off-ball cuts. Noorde is a quality athlete that can overwhelm opponents on defense with his quickness and meticulous positioning.


The most dynamic prospect on the roster is 6’3 RJ Felton, a wing prospect that shows constant flashes of dominance on both ends of the floor. He’s an absolute bucket-getter on offense, able to effortlessly create for himself and others while applying nonstop pressure from all three levels. Felton is a powerful athlete with an excellent frame, incredible motor, and basically every intangible that college coaches should be looking for. He’s been their leading scorer for the last two years, yet also sets the tone with his defensive intensity, making him a true two-way player. Like Felton, Mike Dudley is a prospect that folks need to start monitoring immediately, as he won’t be offer-less for much longer. At 6-foot-5 with athleticism and a three-level scoring arsenal, Dudley is quite appealing and should have coaches of all levels excited. He has a very smooth game and is able to create nicely for himself or others, but typically gets his points within the flow of the offense. Dudley is smart, gritty on defense, and phenomenal in transition, which easily makes him one of the most intriguing guys on this roster.


Their big men, 6’7 Bernard Pelote and 6’7 Josiah Dow, complement each other very nicely on the court. Pelote is long and wiry, which allows him to block/alter shots extremely well around the basket. He runs the floor hard and displays quality touch with either hand on offense, but is also athletic enough to play above the rim against opposing big men. Pelote plays with a strong motor and is willing to do whatever is needed for this team. Dow, on the other hand, is a big, strong, aggressive low-post brute that has a clear identity and consistent approach from game-to-game. He’s slightly undersized, but makes up for it with incredible strength, polish, and IQ around the basket. Dow utilizes his body well to properly clear out space and rebound the ball on both ends of the floor. He’s fearless and capable of protecting the rim, but also moves quite well laterally for his size.


There’s a lot to like with this team, as they have a roster full of Division I prospects and something unique at almost every position. They’ve committed to our JMAC Showcase this upcoming weekend and should be as entertaining as any team on display.