This past weekend, Phenom Hoops traveled to Rock Hill, South Carolina for another phenomenal four-day stretch of quality basketball. We had a heavy variety of college coaches in attendance, allowing for a ton of kids to showcase their talents on a bigger stage. Team Passion drew a lot of buzz entering this event and were able to follow through, bringing two extremely entertaining and competitive squads to compete. This article will take a closer look at their 16U squad, who really showed out across Saturday and Sunday.


Many things stood out about this group, but it was their blend of talent, chemistry, and unselfishness that made them special. As the primary floor general, Harper Neal does an incredible job of setting the table for others. He’s calm and patient, but also strong, aggressive, and plays with a great two-way motor—making him a nightmare assignment for most opponents. Neal made a constant impression on both ends of the floor with his toughness, leadership, and well-rounded skillset.


Alongside Neal in the backcourt, Greg Moore was arguably the most impressive shooter in attendance at Phenom Summer Havoc. He’s a fairly thin off-guard, but possesses absolutely exceptional instincts as a spot-up threat and overall shooter. Moore is very poised and moves as well as anyone without the ball. He possesses deep range, repeatable shot mechanics, and the ability to heat up in a hurry from beyond the arc. Moore hit six or more three-pointers in at least five of their games this weekend, which should certainly appeal to college coaches.


Moving onto Jack Brown, who was potentially the most intriguing prospect on this roster, given his blend of size and three-level scoring. He’s a wiry forward prospect that stands as a matchup problem for most opponents, as he consistently looks to exploit mismatches and mix it up offensively. Brown is a game-changing presence, especially when he’s shooting the ball, and has the ability to score with the best of them. He also displayed nice defensive timing/instincts when operating inside the paint or along the perimeter.


The way these guys complement each other on the court is excellent, and Tony Sapp is pretty much the ideal big man to run with this group. He’s long, athletic, and plays with a strong two-way motor, which allows him to consistently stand out as a finisher, rebounder, and all-around defender. Sapp also showed semblance of a workable perimeter jumper from time to time. Additionally, Daylan Taylor works nicely alongside Sapp and Brown, given his ability to play with a strong motor and assert himself in transition.


However, Bill Goines was the main source of energy for this squad. He was able to enter the game and immediately impact the action with his defense and consistent two-way energy. Goines has a sturdy frame and willingly does the dirty things in order to provide his team with an edge. Rounding things out, Isaiah Smith and Mykell Slater are the only two sophomores on the roster. Smith offers a nice balance between scoring and playmaking while Slater is a quick, two-way guard that operates well within the team structure at all times.


By now, the appeal should be obvious with Team Passion. They are littered with talented prospects at every position and legitimately have something for programs of all levels. Trent Flemming has done a tremendous job with this group and should start receiving buzz for his abilities as a coach. It won’t be the last time we see them this summer, but they definitely deserved recognition for their showing at Phenom Summer Havoc.