6’6 Drake Powell

There are so many appealing prospects in the state, but Powell should be as well-liked and highly regarded as anyone. He’s already a clear leader with this group, despite being the newest addition to the roster. Powell continues to stand out as a premier defender against all levels of competition, and is able to legitimately shut down any opponent in his crosshairs. He’s a quality rebounder and smart, adaptable offensive piece whose athleticism and three-point shooting have taken clear steps forward over the last calendar year. Powell is the ultimate teammate and winner with the two-way ability to dominate in a variety of different ways. 

6’4 Bishop Boswell

It’s easy to appreciate players who are just naturally productive, regardless of setting or context, which certainly applies to someone like Boswell. He’s a very well-rounded guard with the IQ, size, skill, and athleticism to operate in various different roles. For this group, Boswell typically handles the ball, looks to set up others, and fill in the gaps on both ends of the floor. He defends, rebounds, finishes, hits jumpers, and applies constant pressure in transition. Boswell possesses no glaring weaknesses, and does a great job of overwhelming his assignment on either side of the ball. His stock should continue to trend upward with college programs. 

6’7 Maurio Hanson

Consistency is such a major part of success for any athlete, and one would be hard-pressed to find many players more consistent than Hanson. As a strong, sturdy 6-foot-7 post prospect, he excels on the block. Hanson is more than capable of making smart passes or hitting the occasional midrange jumper, but typically chooses to dominate through his amazing blend of touch, polish, and footwork. He’s a nice, physical athlete who will play through contact and above the rim whenever possible. Hanson moves very well for his size, possesses great feel around the basket, and embraces his identity as much as anyone in the state. 

6’6 Lewis Walker

Quite possibly the most unique player in North Carolina, Walker continues to be an absolute matchup problem for every type of opponent. As stated many times before, he’s simply too skilled for most interior opponents and too strong for most perimeter opponents. Walker shoots, passes, and handles the ball well for his size/position, but also understands how to regularly mix up his approach. He takes whatever the defense gives him, and then makes them immediately regret giving him any options at all. Walker will dominate the interior (both as a scorer and rebounder) against most matchups, but is smart and versatile enough to adapt as needed. 

5’10 Christian Anderson

It takes a special type of player to shoot 40% from three-point territory in any context, so where should we begin with Anderson’s absolutely ridiculous 52.6% from distance on the EYBL? Again, he’s among the best three-point shooters an individual can actually witness. Here are all the offensive categories where he currently ranks “excellent” (per Synergy): overall offense, overall half court, against man, against zone, spot-up, jump shots, catch and shoot (both guarded and unguarded), and no-dribble jumpers. While most (if not all) of those directly relate to his three-point shooting, it’s still basically unprecedented. Already an elite marksman, Anderson will be one to monitor as he continues to physically develop. 

6’4 Kobe George

6’3 2024 Kobe George

Every team benefits from having a well-rounded utility player, and George is quite often that piece for this group. He’s a strong, tough, rugged wing prospect who understands how to communicate and lead by example on either end of the floor. George naturally affects all facets of the game, and consistently alters his approach based on team need. He’s a strong finisher and capable perimeter shooter with the ability to initiate the offense, set up others, and attack off the bounce. George rebounds well for his size and can contain multiple positions defensively. He’s also great in transition and operates effectively within the team concept at all times. 

6’5 Bryson Cokley

There is a lot of intrigue throughout this roster, and Cokley still possesses a ton of attainable upside as a two-way wing prospect. He’s long, wiry, and athletic with a useful skillset and overall array of tools. Cokley is a capable shooter with the ability to attack closeouts and finish through contact or above the rim. He’s an explosive leaper with great physical attributes and defensive tools. Cokley works well within the team concept, showing an understanding of how to make the extra pass and take advantage of opportunities whenever available. He definitely possesses the necessary qualities to continue turning heads throughout the remainder of the summer.

6’9 Bobby Cannon

Between his physical growth and steady on-court development, folks should be fairly enticed by Cannon. He’s extremely long and wiry with the ability to shoot the ball pretty well from midrange or beyond the arc. Cannon utilizes his length to secure rebounds, alter shots, and finish over the outstretched arms of opposing defenders. He runs the floor hard in transition and capitalizes on opportunities within the flow of the action. Cannon should only continue to get better going forward.