Rock Hill will be loaded with talent and Phenom Hoops wants to not only get everyone ready for an exciting event but also make sure we provide exposure for teams and players all throughout. We start previewing teams and players that coaches and fans will want to check out at the event.


2022 6’3 Julien King

What was said by Phenom: “King was terrific last year at the John Wall Holiday Invitational. He has excellent body control and has really developed a nifty step-back jumper. King has good handles, excellent vision, and utilizes the head and pump fake quite effectively. We’ve been impressed with his superb shooting mechanics, great extension, and follow-through, not to mention a high release. In addition, King rebounds extremely well for his size and position.”

2022 6’1 Corey Jones

A crafty guard that had a tremendous season and is hoping to continue that trend this summer.  He moves well without the ball and defends.  When watching him at the City of Oaks, he was aggressive, got to the free-throw line, and showed he can be a threat from behind the arc.  Also recorded four steals as well.

2022 6’4 Ryan Roberts

What was said by Phenom: “Roberts has continued to develop his frame and overall strength while continually adding more to his skillset. He’s already a noted three-point shooter with size and athleticism, but also looks quite comfortable operating off the bounce and creating for others.”

2022 6’3 Nik Graves

What was said by Phenom: “He’s a smart, polished point guard prospect that knows how to penetrate and consistently looks to get everyone involved. Graves is a solid perimeter shooter but doesn’t force the action and showcases excellent patience with the ball in his hands. He’s also a reliable defender and rebounder that makes quality decisions in transition.”

2022 6’8 Asa White

What was said by Phenom: “He’s a long, skilled forward prospect with incredible physical tools and two-way versatility. White handles the ball extremely well for his size and can operate as the primary ball-handler with no issue.”

2022 6’7 Avion Pinner

Pinner is a name that many may be familiar with in North Carolina but could be a name that really takes off the more you watch his game.  He did just secure his first offer from East Carolina in June but more could certainly be coming his way.  He is a smart, skilled versatile forward that has a well-rounded game and showed that he fills up the boxscore in a big way. 

2022 6’4 Omar Harris

Harris is another that could see an uptick with more eyes on his game.  He sports a nice frame with his 6’4 body, gets downhill and finishes well at the rim.  Harris brings a lot of versatility to the floor with his game.

2022 6’5 Aaron Murphy

What has been said by Phenom: “He’s a big, strong wing/forward prospect with an excellent feel for the game and a versatile two-way skillset. Murphy is quite young, but already sees the game in such a mature way and effortlessly leads on both sides of the ball. He handles the ball with care and sees the floor very well, which allowed him to create for himself or others whenever he desired.”

2022 6’10 CJ Collins

What has been said by Phenom: “Collins walks through the door and you just see it. He has a legit size with wide-set shoulders, big feet, and arms that swing down by his knees. The projection is there and it is very clear at first glance. After you watch him play, you see natural athleticism and hand-eye coordination. You see him catching the ball well and some touch.”

2022 6’7 Kaleb Hedgepeth

Hedgepeth has tremendous size and is tough when he attacks and is aggressive.  He can be tough on the court because of his ability to help impact his team in multiple ways.  He gets after it on the boards and he did receive some valuable time in games for Heritage last season but he is one that could start gaining more traction down the road.

2022 6’5 Jalen Higgins

Just another name that will only continue to earn more attention with his game.  A 6’5 guard that knows how to score well, especially from deep.  When watching him this past season, he made his mark from the perimeter but continues to improve his overall game.