Phenom Hoops was on deck recently at the Myers Park Summer League, a fantastic event that brought a few schools around the Charlotte area to come and compete in a 4-day event that was live-streamed by The Hoop State Network.

One team that certainly had the attention of us and several others was Head Coach Che Roth and Cannon, who is coming off an impressive state title run last year and could be looking to make another one this upcoming season?


When looking at who was on the floor at the Myers Park League (and it doesn’t mean this will be what the full roster looks like when the season comes around), Cannon has legit talent at almost every spot on the floor.  Yes, they lost some key pieces including one of the best shooters and their leader last year in Jarvis Moss but many of the same names also do return and have really elevated their play.

2022 7’0 Christian Reeves is going to be a big difference-maker once again, as the long center protects the paint on defense and is an incredibly tough force down low with his size offensively.  2022 DJ Nix stepped up big last year and will be one of the go-to leaders once again, allowing him to play and operate several positions, really taking advantage of different matchups. Then you have one of the more underrated prospects in NC in 2022 Karon Boyd, who simply makes winning plays, hustles, puts his body on the floor, and is a force scoring and rebounding.

When just speaking about those three, that could be enough for a team to make a run but then you add some of the newer, younger names to the mix.  2024 Austin Swartz, who we have spoken about a lot lately, is prime to help take over what Moss provided for Cannon.  With his IQ, feel for the game, and shooting ability, Swartz is going to quickly become a popular name around the area. 

2024 Mason Hagedorn has really given us a glimpse into a bright future, as the youngster has good early size, good hands and touch down low, the ability to create space and knock down jumpers, and works extremely hard on his game.  Lastly, a young name that is going to be one to watch down the road will be 2025 Isaiah Henry, the younger brother of KJ Henry, and one that plays strong and is s force to be reckoned with, especially as he adjusts to the next level.

You add all those pieces to a roster that also includes 2024 Jaylen Claggett, 2024 Tyler Green, 2022 Ben Childress, and 2024 Evan Ingram, Cannon is looking like they have enough talent once again to make a title run and give Coach Roth another championship to put on his shelf.